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  1. Mikael Harju

    ATC Booking Problems

    Just received a message from Michal Rok (the developer of vRoute). He has fixed the problems and everything seems to work now fine.
  2. Mikael Harju

    ATC Booking Problems

    Weird, I just tried to book again in vRoute and I am still getting 503. I also checked their ATC booking API and it too returns 503 so there is very little I can do at the moment. I have contacted the developer of vRoute about this and hopefully he will get back to me soon.
  3. Mikael Harju

    ATC Booking Problems

    Hello, I would like to inform everybody that there are currently some problems with booking ATC slots. vRoute seems to be broken and we are unable to add or fetch data from there. This has the unfortunate side effect of new bookings done on TAS not showing up on VATSCA front page nor in vRoute. You are, however, able to make new bookings on TAS and check that there are no overlapping bookings. I'll give an update when this has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  4. Mikael Harju

    Constantly being logged out of the forum

    Update on this: To update our forum software we need to also update php on our server. I did a quick test and upgrading php version seemed to broke other parts of our website so I'll have to investigate this further later, hopefully next weekend.
  5. Mikael Harju

    Constantly being logged out of the forum

    Damn. I will most likely update the forum software this weekend and there's a new version of the Vatsim login plugin so hopefully that will fix this issue.
  6. Mikael Harju

    Constantly being logged out of the forum

    Sorry for completely forgetting this issue. I've applied a new patch to the forum software that hopefully fixed this problem. Please report if you are still having problems.
  7. Mikael Harju

    Constantly being logged out of the forum

    As Martin said, this issue started happening after we updated our forum software. The plugin we use to login with vatsim auth isn't fully compatible with the new version which causes this to happen. I've looked at the problem a bit but haven't had success in fixing it yet. I'll let you guys know when I've managed to fix the issue.
  8. Mikael Harju

    Discord chat room issues

    Hmm, I just checked that you have all the roles necessary to view messages. I think we had something similar happening a few weeks ago with someone else and reapplying the roles helped in that situation. I've now done that, could you check if you see the messages now?
  9. Mikael Harju


    Something like that? The frontpage is rather crowded so I'm not sure if it fits there. The news section could be a good choice, as it is not used at the moment.