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  1. [25 Jun 16-18:30z] ESOS C1 CPT

    Äntligen! Grattis Oskar!
  2. [Fri 9th JUN 17-19 z] S3+MAE CPT ENGM_APP

    Please edit the title of your post to fit the following format: e.g.: [Sun 18th Jun 16-18z] S2 CPT ENZV_TWR
  3. [Mon 5th Jun 17-19z] S2 CPT ESMS_TWR

    Grattis Alexander!
  4. [Thu 25th May 17-19z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    Join me in congratulating @Hampus Norrby who passed his S2 CPT with flying colours! Welcome to the team Hampus.
  5. Suggestion for ATC chart

    @Torben Andersen the sector design doesnt usually have to be a concern of the pilot. Your current controller will always hand you off to the next approperiate sector. If you approch a controlled sector from uncontrolled airspace, you will get a "Contact me" message. If you fly VFR and wish to climb into or enter controlled airspace, the sectors are given in the charts. If you start up at an airport and you dont know who to contact, the ATC ATIS line might give you some clue. Also most importantly, nobody will ever be angry with you for calling the wrong sector
  6. [Sun 26th Mar 17-19z] S2MA CPT ESSA_TWR

    Join me in congratulating @Mattias Krogstad who passed a very demanding checkout this evening. Have fun with ESSA Mattias!
  7. [TUE 21/MAR] EKCH_TWR

    @Christian Frederiksen please edit the title to fit the template. E.g. [Sat 18th March, 17-1930z] EFHK_TWR training
  8. [Sun 12th Mar 18-21z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

  9. [Sun 26th Feb 18-20z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    Congratulations Rasmus!
  10. [22nd Feb 19-21z] ENTO TWR_training

    @Mathias Forrisdahl
  11. [22nd Feb 19-21z] ENTO TWR_training

    Hi. Please edit the title of this post to with date and time. e.g: [22nd Feb 19-21z] ENTO_TWR Training
  12. @Thomas Ljung Will be training for his S3 rating on Göteborg Control on Thursday! Welcome!
  13. Vatsim Scandinavia and Sweden FIR invites all pilots and ATC to support @Rasmus Nygren when he is up for his checkout at Landvetter, on Sunday 26th Feb, 18-20z. Welcome!
  14. [Thu 9th Feb 18-20z] S3 MA CPT ESSA_APP

  15. [Thu 9th Feb 18-20z] S3 MA CPT ESSA_APP

    @Martin Stockzell det kommer ta en stund att vänja sig vid