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  1. [Wed 7th Feb 18-20z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

    Join me to congratulate @Hampus Norrby to an extremely well performed checkout! Magnus
  2. VATEUD web services temporarily unavailable

    Perfekt Morten! That was the information that I was looking for! How are we able as humble members of VATSIM/VATEUD to help out in the financial part of this history? Magnus
  3. VATEUD web services temporarily unavailable

    But someone certainly knows why the www.vateud.net is down. Was it server that crashed, something that was not paid to contractor or what? I do know form my time as Director that Florian showed me "core structure" of the new web services at that time, so thought of evolution of VATEUD services has been there for long time! Magnus
  4. VATEUD web services temporarily unavailable

    Any news about this? According to https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=74597 VATSIM Scandinavia staff received some more "in depth" explanation about this and have the responsible to inform it´s members! Are you able to share the letter? Magnus
  5. Transponder difference Sweden Finland

    Hello Janne! What I know, you are expected to squawk mode C also in Sweden, when initiating your pushback and further movements. At least in airports with ground radar (ESSA and ESGG). What I have heard in real life, there is the differens between Finnish and Swedish ATC, that Finnish ATC acknowledges readback rather often! Magnus
  6. [Tue 31st Oct 18-20z] S3MA CPT ESSA_APP

    Från examinatorns vy, så är detta inget problem! Kandidaten har redan ESSA_TWR MAE! Magnus
  7. [Sun 1st Oct 17-19z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    Join me to congratulate @Filip Lidholm, our newest Student 2 in the community! Magnus
  8. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    Looking back in the forum (where I do not have access anymore) there should be obvious that in cases of major events, our Event department should inform/bee informed from the first thought of the event. The coordination process regarding events was one of the long lasting task for me during my time as Director, where I was working on an SOP Event document but that was left on draft-level. Still, unless things have changed there should be an forum thread in staff forum regarding the major things, for example "Planning Calendar", where I see that there is no post regarding the planing of the CPT! This situation is not the ultimate one. Magnus
  9. [25 Jun 16-18:30z] ESOS C1 CPT

    Join me to congratulate @Oskar Sunnanhagen on his new rating! Magnus
  10. [Thu 22nd June 17-19z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Join me to congratulate @Eddie Josefsson on his S3 rating! Magnus
  11. [Mon 5th Jun 17-19z] S2 CPT ESMS_TWR

    Join me to congratulate @Alexander Fyhn on his rating! Well done! Magnus
  12. [Sun 12th Mar 18-21z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Join me to congratulate @Thomas Ljung on his new rating, Student 3! Magnus
  13. Donations report from Director

    @Mathias Johnsen or @Peter Persson, is this an good solution? Maybe on top of "Upcoming events"? Magnus
  14. Donations report from Director

    Donations VATSIM Scandinavia services are not without costs. During the years we have relied on members to contribute by donation of money or members that are able to contribute with services, either services to enhance or maintain our services or with their expertise in areas of our services, or both. Without those donations we would not be able to exist, with that fact I like to express my gratitude towards those members as Director for this community. Beside services that are donated without cost, VATSIM Scandinavia have yearly actual cost currently for our forum services of 50 US Dollar and about 25 US Dollar every second year for our web adress´s. Attached are an edited report from my "VATSIM Scandinavia PayPal account" used to receive donations. The report is edited to, follow our donations rules, where VATSIM Scandinavia will never disclose members donations. On our website frontpage you are able as member see the general state of donations gathered per year. Magnus Director VATSIM Scandinavia donations 2015 2017.xlsx
  15. Teamspeak server is terrible every 10 mins

    That is not good. Before time becomes "ages" , do report to web team at web@vatsim-scandinavia.org and of course as you done now, so everyone knows that report regarding our services has been done. I have no knowledge of this problem, so web team will investigate it further. Magnus