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  1. Vatsim Scandinavia training starts with S2-level, so you have done everything right with applying for S2-training! Magnus
  2. I haven´t used this one IRL yet, but I like the function! https://chartfox.org/ Magnus
  3. Join me to congratulate @Martin Stockzell on his new rating = C1! Magnus
  4. I would say that´s not following the idea of online gaming as VATSIM is al about! Just to clarify: Pilots are allowed according to Code of Conduct to be away from "cockpit" for 30 min maximum if in uncontrolled airspace. Still pilots is obligated to check regularly if they enter controlled airspace during 30 minutes away from cockpit, example: Norway Control open the position and aircraft are in Norway Control airspace! The obligation is totally according to regulations that pilots should monitor and take contact to ATC when enter ATC controlled airspace. The "contact me on freq. XXX,xxx" function from ATC, is an heads up from ATC that pilot has not followed the intention that are stipulated in VATSIM regulations. Magnus
  5. Join me to congratulate @Mattias Krogstad on his earned rating on ESSA_APP MAE! Well done! Magnus
  6. Just about to download this one to try it out! Boston Virtual ARTCC has created AI package http://bvai.bvartcc.com/ Forum post: http://forums.bvartcc.com/index.php?topic=14258.0 At least I have searched for a while for AI traffic for p3d v4.2 and looking forward to see if this one is good! Magnus
  7. Join me to congratulate @Hampus Norrby to an extremely well performed checkout! Magnus
  8. Perfekt Morten! That was the information that I was looking for! How are we able as humble members of VATSIM/VATEUD to help out in the financial part of this history? Magnus
  9. But someone certainly knows why the www.vateud.net is down. Was it server that crashed, something that was not paid to contractor or what? I do know form my time as Director that Florian showed me "core structure" of the new web services at that time, so thought of evolution of VATEUD services has been there for long time! Magnus
  10. Any news about this? According to https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=74597 VATSIM Scandinavia staff received some more "in depth" explanation about this and have the responsible to inform it´s members! Are you able to share the letter? Magnus
  11. Hello Janne! What I know, you are expected to squawk mode C also in Sweden, when initiating your pushback and further movements. At least in airports with ground radar (ESSA and ESGG). What I have heard in real life, there is the differens between Finnish and Swedish ATC, that Finnish ATC acknowledges readback rather often! Magnus
  12. Hello Torben! Now when you mention it! I have the same problem! Magnus
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