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  1. Arlanda is in the worldflight 2017

    Congratulations to Stockholm Arlanda, that will be a part of the route for Worldflight 2017 early in the morning on the 9th of november. https://www.worldflight.com.au/hq/index.php?id=schedule&Year=2017 You guys are up for a busy start of november ;-)
  2. Arlanda is in the worldflight 2017

    It is indeed great to see so many VATSCA areas in this years worldflight! Count me in! 👍😊
  3. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    The least thing does not mean the best thing. Read what I write please - What I did wrong was to step into ED's field, which was a mistake from me. But after doing that mistake I made another one by not informing Martin immedeately after. We agree that I shouldn't have applied in the first place. That is Martin's job. I was not aware of that, but I am now.
  4. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    I hope you guys will accept my humble appologises. I have not been aware of any agreement on this matter, and I have not been able to find it written down anywhere. What I have done wrong here, is that I have stepped in to event departments area of responsibility. The least thing, I could have done, was to inform Martin immedeately after my application. Let's see how this turns out, and based on these circumstances, In a situation where only Copenhagen or none of the airports are chosen, I think ENGM should be number one priority for 2018 westbound.
  5. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    I, as FIR DIR of Copenhagen, recieved a request by an active controller to vote for EKCH as an arriving airfield for this CTP. I recieved and reacted to this request BEFORE this thread was opened. As far as I can see, this has not been a matter of discussion for every CTP when looking back in the forums, and when I did not see anything regarding this on the forum, I thought I was "in the clear" to apply for Copenhagen. At the end of the day, I was just reacting to a request from an active member. I have been a bit busy the last days, and I did not notice this thread before the application period ended. I will take up the discussion in the staff forum to find a solution from here.
  6. NAX or IBK ?

    I disagree with the fact that IBK-callsigns are used only for aircrafts based outside Scandinavia. This only depends on the registration of the aircraft as mentioned earlier in this thread I flew as a passenger on IBK7CB (D83607) from DUB to CPH earlier today. Both pilots were danish, and the cabin crew were danish and swedish. IBK-callsigns are also often used on danish domestic CPH-AAL flights. I haven't seen IBK on norwegian domestic flights, so maybe you can still be sure that planes based in Norway will be flying under NAX-callsign - Maybe someone can enlighten this case. If you are looking to fly a specific flight, check the departure and arrivals boards for either the origin or destination via www.flightradar24.com - It will tell whether NAX- or IBK-callsigns are used.
  7. @Mads Therkildsen is up for his S2/TWR checkout in Copenhagen this wednesday from 20-21.30 (local time) Stop by with all kinds of traffic, both IFR and VFR welcome. Hope to see you there
  8. Hello all. @Kevin Liljala is up for his S3 checkout this thursday on Copenhagen Approach / EKCH_APP. Please stop by with both VFR and IFR traffic. Some of you might even get some "special requests". Why not combine this with S2 checkout in ESGG on the very same evening?
  9. [30 April, 17-20z] Prague - Copenhagen Shuttle

    Actually, I see that with the suggested routes, ESMM is not needed. But BETUD is really not an option, as there is a limit of FL90 until BETUD on this route, and it's never used in real-life. Suggest the following routes EKCH-LKPR in stead: JET: SIMEG M736 SALLO UM44 KOGIM UM725 HDO M725 GOLOP PROP: BALOX M736 SALLO UM44 KOGIM UM725 HDO M725 GOLOP
  10. [30 April, 17-20z] Prague - Copenhagen Shuttle

    Be aware, we need ESMM, sector L for this - I see no thread in the swedish subforum.
  11. Am I the only one who experiences a terrible connection quality on teamspeak approx every 10 mins? Well - I know, I'm not, because we notice and discuss it quite often in the Denmark section. It drops to a ping of more than 500 ms for about 30 seconds and then returns to the normal high quality again. It has been like that for ages now, and I think it is about time to do something about it!
  12. Teamspeak Server completely down

    Am I the only one? Not able to connect at all..
  13. Frederik Pedersen is up for his S2 CPT this thursday in Copenhagen from 18-19.30z (20-21.30 lcl) All kind of traffic are very welcome - Please stop by and give Frederik something to work with. Supporting ATC: EKCH_TWR: Frederik Pedersen EKCH_GND: Blocked! EKCH_DEL: Blocked! EKCH_APP: EKDK_CTR: EKCH_TWR (17-18z): EKCH_TWR (19.30z-20.30z):
  14. [4 Apr 18-20z] Copenhagen Control C1 CPT

    Congratulations to @Jonas Bergenholz, who passed his checkout tonight on EKDK_CTR - Well done, Jonas!!
  15. Teamspeak server is terrible every 10 mins

    Any update? The problem seems to be exactly the same as always :-(
  16. Teamspeak server is terrible every 10 mins

    It is still an issue, unfortunately - And it's not just for me :-(
  17. Teamspeak Server completely down

    It seems that it was just my phone - I'm back home now on my PC, and it works fine
  18. Major event in Copenhagen?

    Hi all I guess that the title says what the essense of this post is. What's the plans for another major event in Copenhagen? It's about time to think about having an event in CPH again. I checked the records, and the last major event in CPH was at may 29th last year. That's 8½ months ago now. I'm ready to put some hours in the planning of the event if needed.
  19. Major event in Copenhagen?

    So basically, it will be almost a year since last major EKCH event, before a new one is coming up. When I talk about major events, I mean realtime or overload. Scandinavian shuttles are also nice, but the traffic level has never been close to what we see at overload or realtime events - Not AFAIK at least. I remember some years back, when the agenda was to have at least two major (overload or realtime, which is what I'm requesting) events for every major scandinavian airports every year. I would like to get back to that. And I'm not asking you or Aleksander to do all the work. I'd be happy to do the majority of the work for such an event, and I believe that I could find a few of my fellow controllers from Denmark FIR, who would also like to contribute. I would really like to increase the amount of realtime or overload-events to at least two a year - It's a very strong and efficient way to keep local controllers motivated.
  20. Jeppe Kjeldsen is up for his S2/TWR checkout this thursday on EKCH_TWR Traffic and supporting ATC requested :-) EKCH_TWR: Jeppe Kjeldsen EKCH_APP: VACANT EKDK_CTR: VACANT
  21. Teamspeak server down

    Vatsim-scandinavia.org teamspeak server is unreachable and not responding
  22. Nadeem Zabaneh is up for his TWR/APP MA checkout in Copenhagen next Tuesday. We'll need some traffic as well as some supporting ATC. EKDK_CTR: vacant EKCH_APP: candidate EKCH_TWR: standby EKCH_GND: standby Examiner: Mikkel Lindgren As this is a combined checkout, we will need someone to be standby to take over EKCH_TWR, when it gets busy in EKCH, but it will not be from the beginning of the event. In case it's very busy already from the beginning, we'll also need someone to be standby on EKCH_APP, in order to split the checkout in two with one hour on TWR and one on APP. Hope to see you there
  23. [Tue 19. July 2016 1800-2000z] EKCH_TWR/APP MA checkout

    Well done, Nadeem on a passed checkout. And welcome on board the danish ATC-team. I'm happy to have you with us!
  24. MA/APP checkout, EKCH

    Nadeem ZabenMh is up for his MA checkout on EKCH_APP at Copenhagen Airport Stop by with some traffic - All kinds of traffic welcome.
  25. [Tue 12. July 2016 1800-1930z] S2 CPT, EKCH_TWR

    Please join me in congratulating Mikkel Olsen on a passed checkout in EKCH tonight - Well done, Mikkel!