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  1. Martin Loxbo

    Plugin updates

    That's great! Sorry I didn't look in the manual, been too busy reading the manual for another plugin...
  2. Martin Loxbo

    Plugin updates

    I like the new ground states, just wondering if it's intentional that there is no "pushback" state included? Also maybe it's just me because I usually control on a small laptop screen, but I find the text to be a bit long. Would it be possible to get some abbreviations for the ground states? I find that now the column width needs to be set at 10, making it one of the widest columns in the DEP list.
  3. Martin Loxbo

    Updated ICAO_Aircraft.txt

    I just updated the file with the code E35L for Embraer Legacy.
  4. Martin Loxbo

    Event Suggestions and Ideas for 2018

    There will be an informal event at Skavsta and Östgöta on Sunday 8 April. I will open Skavsta TWR and Kungsängen TWR as well as Östgöta Control will be open in the afternoon/early evening. Speaking of VFR, Säve TWR will open again on 26 April. There will be no IFR procedures, so it will be purely a VFR airport (according to Swedish rules, landing at an airport other than an open instrument aerodrome must be conducted as VFR - although you can depart from any airport as IFR). Should we try to have an event at Säve at some point? @Martin Tornberg what do you say?
  5. Martin Loxbo

    VATBOOK not working

    I get an error message when I try to book a position: Something made me loose all data (My local id: 811805_2018_04_08_1300) Try send this again, or contact admin.
  6. Martin Loxbo

    Happy easter!

    Är det X-Plane eller P3Dv4?
  7. Martin Loxbo

    [25 Mar, 14-20z] Arlanda Real Time 2018

    Plenty of domestic flights available! That's a guarantee for full ATC for the whole flight.
  8. Martin Loxbo

    ?: EuroScope beta 3.2a (r15) Disturbing sound

    I have had this occasionally, but it was always solved by restarting EuroScope. I haven't been able to find the source of the problem but it seems to be connected to other programs running, and starting ES last (after any other programs you might use when controlling, like FS, TS, Discord etc) might have been what solved the problem for me. I'm not sure if it's related but I suggest always running ES as administrator.
  9. Martin Loxbo

    [Sun 18th Mar 17-19z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    Snyggt jobbat! /SE-LNK
  10. Martin Loxbo

    Updated ICAO_Aircraft.txt

    Lately several new aircraft types have reached the market and with them comes new ICAO type designators. I have added a few new codes to the attached ICAO_Aircraft.txt. New types are: Airbus A319neo Airbus A320neo Airbus A321neo Airbus A350-1000 XWB Airbus A330-700 Beluga XL Boeing 737 Max 7 Boeing 737 Max 8 Boeing 737 Max 9 Embraer Legacy 600/650 Does anyone know if updated ICAO_Aircraft.txt files are available for download somewhere? I have just added the most common new types that I could think of, but I'm sure there have been other changes to ICAO Doc 8643 over the last few years. ICAO_Aircraft.txt
  11. Martin Loxbo

    [Wed 7th Feb 18-20z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

    Thanks for reminding me about this. Apparently my file has an issue with some trees on taxiways. I received a corrected CVX (terrain) file made by Dmitriy Kozyrev (attached). I haven't had a chance to try it, but please try it out and if it works we can link to it! ESSA_ADEX_DK_CVX_FULL.bgl
  12. Martin Loxbo

    Transponder difference Sweden Finland

    On VATSIM the transponder only has two modes: standby and Mode C. Depending on how the radar is set up we can decide what functions to simulate with each mode. The basic idea is that with the transponder in standby the controller cannot see any information about callsign, squawk code or altitude, but it's possible to circumvent this, so in our simulation of ground movement radar we can see all aircraft regardless of transponder setting. In real life most aircraft have several more modes. For example on the 737s I fly you can select: - STBY: The transponder is powered up but not transmitting or receiving - ALT OFF: The transponder transmits the Mode A code (the 4 digit transponder code) and the Mode S callsign (as entered in the FMC). - ALT ON: In addition to mode A/S the transponder transmits altitude information (mode C). - TA ONLY: In addition to mode A/S and C TCAS is activated but limited to give TAs only (no RAs) - TA/RA: Mode A/S and C, and TCAS fully active to give both TAs and RAs. The way we use it is that whenever we are moving on the airport, from requesting startup until parking on stand, we use ALT OFF. This is because most airports don't want aircraft on the ground to have Mode C activated, i.e. altitude information should not be transmitted. However, mode A/S is by ground movement radar to identify the aircraft. When entering the runway we select TA/RA so the transponder and TCAS are fully operational. The other modes would only be used in non-normal situations, for example TA ONLY would be used if we lose an engine or have to do an emergency descent and are unable to follow a climb RA.
  13. Martin Loxbo

    Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    Only updating new documents would indeed not be too much work, but most of our documents are not new but a continuous work in progress, which are updated whenever there is an update in procedures. For example, today I've put the final touches on updating the Swedish LOPs when NTL VOR is withdrawn and replaced by reporting point TOVRI. A very minor change but it requires at least 5 documents to be updated. If I had to update logos and other graphical standards in all those documents the work that might take 30 minutes for replacing NTL/TOVRI would probably take a couple of hours instead.
  14. Martin Loxbo

    Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    Just a couple of minor points: 1. Saying that the current triangle logo is not representing the whole VACC presumes that the symbol somehow is supposed to point its edges to three hubs/countries. I have always understood that the logo represents a reporting point/waypoint/fix or radar blip. 2. Having created many many documents for VACCSCA over the years I have already been through at least one update of our logo and several updates of our graphical standards, and I can tell you that when working with tens or even hundreds of different documents it creates a lot of extra work to update the documents to the new standards. We still have documents with the old logo so expect it to take years before everything is up to date.