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  1. Weird ES behaviour

    I can't see what the proplem could be either, sometimes ES mixes up the routing (often due to a VOR that has the same name). E.g. Gardermoen VOR (GRM) often makes the route go all the way to the middle east and back. However if that was the case you should also see the line coming back down from the point that ES erroneously put in.. I think the information for route toggling is only fetched from the airway.txt as well...
  2. Arlanda is in the worldflight 2017

    Seems like we would need both ENSV_CTR and ENOS_CTR (Or ENOR) for the arrival to ESSA as well. If we can find anyone to control in the middle of the night, that is
  3. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    Hmm, not good. This might ruin our chances. Thought this was an agreement, that we increase our chances by applying for one airport in the vacc per event.. Hope we can work this out somehow
  4. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    Great Let's hope we manage to get some votes!
  5. Norway Avinor charts - web page 404

    @Jouka Ahponen, I edited the page again according to the non-version link provided by Anders
  6. NATCON, do you use it?

    As far as I know, existing system. The downside is that for now it is just the enroute systems that gets changed. But I know there is a separate project for Tower/App-system going as well. The project is very secretive so far, so I don't really know anything about it yet..
  7. NATCON, do you use it?

    The amount of crap caused by this, outweighs any advantages.. Still getting squawks and CFL reset on aircraft coming from the UK so the plugin is nowhere near fixed. So please do not use this plugin. I do not use NATCON either, I have worked a bunch with it in real life, and its just too ineffective for me. As Meese mentioned, when doing high traffic loads, NATCON is more in the way than it is helpful.. Can't wait for the new ATM system to come, so we can start to look at how we can mimic that
  8. Cross The Pond - Voting open!

    The only Scandinavian airport this year is Stockholm, Arlanda. Please give our swedish friends a vote! http://ctp.vatsim.net/voting/
  9. Discord server up and running!

    To people using Skype or similar to have regular groupchats with friends, i really recommend setting up your own Discord server! It sooo much better, the server is free, so there is no need for someone to host it, like it is with Skype
  10. Transition Level and Altitude Table

    FYI, this is automaticly calculated by the Euroscope ATIS
  11. External USB sound card

    I have found that plantronics headsets, are excellent for use on Vatsim. I use this one at the moment: http://www.plantronics.com/us/product/audio-400-dsp#fndtn-overview , and I never get complaints on my voice
  12. Voting CTP eastbound 2015

    Bummer.. and i guess we won't get any transfer traffic either.. They always tend to route quite a bit south and over the UK

    An exciting idea Magnus! It would maybe attract more group flights as well!
  14. Voting CTP eastbound 2015

    Keep those votes coming in for ESSA