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  1. Damon Hemstrom Burton

    Event Suggestions and Ideas for 2018

    With Exercise Trident Juncture taking place in Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish air space, would an event inviting VSOAs be of any interest to anybody? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exercise_Trident_Juncture_2018 Genuine shame that there are no Scandinavian VSOAs operating.
  2. Damon Hemstrom Burton

    Event Suggestions and Ideas for 2018

    I personally would LOVE to see some more real time events, especially going into 2019. I take inspiration from "the other network" (which I can't bring myself to name) who had their "Stockholm Real Flight Operations" event - with slot bookings/restrictions/real-time flights at all airports in Stockholm airspace (ESSA/SB/KN/OW) which was attractive to many Pilots and VAs alike.
  3. Damon Hemstrom Burton

    VATS.IM URL Shortener

    Quoting Neil Farringdon at https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=76496 Might be worth registering VATSIM Scandinavia as an organisation and getting their own prefix? With the release of version 1.4, prefixes are now available to official VATSIM entities. A prefix provides organizations with a guaranteed way of using any short URL with their prefix, and to help users identify the locale a link is pointing to. For example, it would make more sense to use https://vats.im/uk/forums to point to the VATSIM UK forums, rather than just https://vats.im/forums, which could belong to any user or organization. To apply for a prefix, you can visit the organizations page, click 'Edit' next to your organization, and then click 'Apply Here'. In order for your application to be approved, you must be an official VATSIM entity, and the application must be submitted by the head of your entity. Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact info@vats.im.
  4. Damon Hemstrom Burton

    Event Suggestions and Ideas for 2018

    Where can one join?
  5. Damon Hemstrom Burton

    Event Suggestions and Ideas for 2018

    "Second City Shuttle" - shuttle event between second largest cities (i.e Bergen, Göteborg, Århus etc) and either each other or other European cities.
  6. Damon Hemstrom Burton

    Event Suggestions and Ideas for 2018

    I quite like how Hungary did their runway to hell - would be good for just making a realtime event at Kastrup and just using 12/30 for as many aircraft as possible.
  7. Damon Hemstrom Burton

    Event suggestions

    Seeing as SAS are a large operator of the CRJ900, might it be an idea for an Aerosoft CRJ/SAS appreciation event?
  8. Damon Hemstrom Burton

    Forum bugs

    Other vACCs/Divisions have it enabled, and it is really helpful.You can get to see who's acknowleged and actually see if people agree with your views - for someone slightly controversial like me, I like seeing that my post/banter is taken correctly - I have to limit it here when I'm around non-native English speakers of course - in the UK forums is totally different. It also acts as some form of encouragement - "xx passed his S2 exam - congrats" to then see people liking it. It's quite satisfying - it works on facebook, why not here? Oh, and underneath my name for example it says new member - am I really new? What constitutes new? (Not just me, most people affected) Yes, I know I'm STILL in S2 training, but it doesn't make me new - people who post like rarely but have been here since many years ago are also new - not just 2 year members like me! Can we have this reconsidered, maybe just change it to member and for those with vACC defined in CERT/SSO as non-division member to be International Member? Maybe members of forum from under 30 days should get the "New Member" tag.
  9. Damon Hemstrom Burton

    TAS - bug after Sweden implementation?

    Tack, blir perfekt!
  10. Damon Hemstrom Burton

    TAS - bug after Sweden implementation?

    Hey all! I have a bit of a silly question, basically, when I log into TAS, I can't select to see training reports. Now I am in training for my S2 rating and have had a few sessions after the implementation of TAS into Sweden, but I was wondering why I can't "see training reports filed earlier on trainings or on ongoing trainings" - is that due to the fact the mentor hasn't filed any, or is it a bug or permissions glitch? It doesn't concern me and I'm not overly bothered about what's entered into my report - just browsing this new feature. Having said that, would be nice to know if its an error/bug/my issue? Tack så mycket grabbar.
  11. Damon Hemstrom Burton

    Forum bugs

    Perfect, let's see if my randomly liked posts have gone. -DHB
  12. Damon Hemstrom Burton

    Forum bugs

    Hey all. So, firstly my forum says I've liked some posts that I haven't? I click on some threads and it says I've liked a post? Some in threads which I don't understand (Norwegian/Danish?) Oh, and dates are appearing as _date_this_year_long? Anybody web services able to advise. Apologies for random post likes.
  13. Damon Hemstrom Burton


    Congratulations! Let's hope this brings a huge number of better pilots here
  14. Damon Hemstrom Burton


    https://github.com/tarakanbg/vatbook Might be something? I'm not very technical, but I know it may be of SOME use, should Michael not be able to help.
  15. Damon Hemstrom Burton

    Event suggestions

    Here, 2014's but still relevant information! https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=68895