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Found 4 results

  1. New ES Beta, apr 2017

    A new ES Beta is out, with a few bug fixes and a crash handler(!). http://euroscope.hu/installbeta/changes.html
  2. Euroscope and vPilot

    I've seen other people online with ES radar on one side of the screen and a view from the tower on the other side of the screen. With the new vPilot update just out does anyone know if this is possible, if so how do you do it? Thanks in advance /Fredrik
  3. Euroscope with Windows 10

    Just thought I'd mention that I've just upgraded to Windows 10, last night and on testing I have had no issues whatsoever with Euroscope version 3.2 compatibility. However, it is worth checking that sound and graphics card drivers are up to date prior to use, as Windows 10 will try and find from Windows Update, of course some developers haven't released for Windows 10 yet. I did not get any of the issues some people mentioned on the VATSIM.net forums and VATSIM-UK forums (http://community.vatsim-uk.co.uk/topic/31990-euroscope-31d-and-windows-10/ ) however it is worth testing and viewing that thread, especially if controlling higher than a TMC position. (I tried on my S1/S2 Tower config and worked OK.) Would definitely recommend the upgrade, no FPS lost on FSX either, some people even reporting increases Edit: There are more testimonials in the Copenhagen FIR Section - Didn't realise that post existed - och jag läser inte Danska hellre
  4. Euroscope and updating sector files

    A few days ago I was controlling TWR at Ålesund, ENAL. I had a pilot flying to Gardermoen, this was after Airac 1508 was released. In the IPPC charts from Avinor the SID for TITOD has been removed and replaced with GIGIR. Next I notice that Euroscope and the sectorfile is not updated, I still have TITOD as a SID. No problemorino, I give the pilot an Omnidirectional Departure. Now enough "foreplay", here is the issue. I tried to update the sector files from Euroscope, for Norway and got an error message. I tested also adding the sectorfiles from Sweden and Denmark to see if they also was downloaded, still the same error. The error is posted below, anyone know why this is happening? Is the files available on the servers of Vatsim Scandinavia? Best regards Harald