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Found 2 results

  1. Harald Kvangarsnes

    Vatbook - bug or feature?

    Good day. I've noticed when I book a position in vRoute the position is not displayed on the Vatsim Scandinavia website. If I book in Vatbook, it's not available in vroute. I'm not sure how this works, but it would seem that both vatbook and vroute only adds information to the database, but doesn't pull any information from the database, is this assumption correct? Could it be an idea to set up a sync to download and mirror positions added via vroute to Vatbook for the scandinavian positions? I guess for vRoute I would have to address this as an issue to the developer(s) at vroute. Why am I addressing this? Cause many pilots might use vroute to check for online and planned online ATC, and not the website. Positions booked in Vatbook would not be added to vRoute. I for one use application(s) that display this and not the website for an vACC.
  2. Julius Mannermaa

    ATC Bookings now via Vatbook

    Hello controllers of VATSIM Scandinavia! I am glad to let you guys know that we now have a new way of making bookings for ATC positions in VATSIM Scandinavia. Vatbook is now handling all ATC bookings in area of VATSIM Scandinavia beside vRoute. Vatbook can be found from our Training Adminstration System (TAS). tas.vatsim-scandinavia.org If any problems do occur, just email me or our Web Sevices Director Peter for help. But anyways go ahead and give it a try! -Julius