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Martin Tornberg

[29 & 30 JULY 2017] VATSIM CONNEXION 2017

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There will be a VATSIM Global Convention this July in London and I just want to let everyone know about this. Last time VATSIM held a global convention was in Vienna, now it's time for London.

We can use this thread as a discussion topic for people within Vatsim-Scandinavia planning of attending the convention. 

I will be attending this and I hope to see some more familiar faces in London. I haven't looked on accomodation yet but will do it within the next month or two. 

For more information and questions of the VATSIM Connexion 2017 please visit here.

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IMAG0147.thumb.jpg.405bfa7f930c9ce800e061c3726366eb.jpgThis starts tomorrow! Currently @ FL430 towards London with @Julius Mannermaa. I'll try to post some picture updates on this thread after each day, if I have the time and energy to do so :D

Hope to see some "familiar faces" from VATSCA and from elsewhere in VATSIM as well.

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First day of the convention is now done; here are some pictures as promised.

Registration began at 9 o'clock in the morning. The convention location is Holborn Bars, an old Victorian building in Central London and it certainly is an amazing location for an event like this.



The main room for the convention with people settling in for the day


Welcome kits were handed out, with things like the two days' schedule, name tags and discount codes for the upcoming Aerosoft A330 and CRJ, as well as a JustFlight coupon.


Ben Hunwicks giving a part of the welcome speech to the attendees


The actual program began with Heathrow ATCO Michael Benson giving us an insight into the operation required to fit as many aircraft in and out of EGLL as has to be done every single day and the challenges related to it. In the picture he's explaining TBS, time based separation that is now used for arrivals to boost the overall arrivals rate.


The swift pilot client team gave an update on the progress of the development. Also caused some "heated discussion" on things like the purpose of the project, development speed and features :D.


The Simfest team giving a humour-filled presentation about their 747 simulator, the process of building it and World Flight.


One of today's panel discussions, this one regarding creating innovative and novel VATSIM events. @Martin Tornberg as one of the panelists.



The conference will continue tomorrow, so some more photos to be expected then :D.

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