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HÃ¥vard Halvorsen

Controllers for Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017

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I received this mail from Morten Jelle at VATEUD. If anyone have the opportunity and want to help out during CTP you can contact the responsible persons as stated below.


Hello all,

I am writing to you, as we are in desperate need of controllers for positions in Canada, Oceanic airspace and Ireland for the CTP event on Saturday.

If you can pass this message to all your C1 controllers, it would be good – I know some of you are already in need of controllers, for the event as well, but some areas might be able to find someone. Introduction to the airspaces will be provided as soon as possible this week.

Should any of your controllers be available to control during the event on Saturday, please have them to contact the responsible person:

Canada: Matt Cianfarani – m.cianfarani@vatsim.net
Oceanic: Simon Irvine – simon.irvine@vatsim-uk.co.uk
Ireland: Cathal Boyce – training@vateir.org

Please have them to CC me, on the e-mail they send, so I am aware of how many controllers we can provide.

Also let the controllers know, if they are able to participate, they are giving us a huge help to the whole Cross the Pond team and to the VATSIM network, and it will mean a lot to all of us, if they are able to help.

Should you have any questions, please reply directly to me.

Thank you,

Morten Jelle
ATC Department Deputy
VATSIM European Division

Department Email:

VATEUD ATC Department


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