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Henrik Sonstebo

TAS Userlist Bug

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So, the userlist in TAS is quite difficult to use to search for people.

Sometimes after putting in a person's name I would need to scroll through the pages, even though they're blank to find the user I'm looking for.


As you can clearly see in the screenshot above, I queried for @Kobi Lecornu in this example, and I had to scroll through to page 51 just to find his entry. Seems like searching only filters out the results not matching without actually updating the query itself?

COuld this design bug be fixed?

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Please send these messages to report@rt.vatsim-scandinavia.org instead of posting them in Control tower.

I am aware of this problem, that is why I inserted the top field as @Adrian Bjerke pointed out.
Somehow it works sometimes and sometimes not, so it's quite hard to troubleshoot.


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