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Mathias Johnsen

Discord changes

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Hello everyone

There are some changes to our discord server, here is a list of the most important changes:

- You will have to have a role of 'VATSIM Scandinavia Member' to see all the channels
- To get this role, type your vatsim id in the #request channel, and a staff member will add the role to you when a manual check is done. (this will be a automated process later on)
- Vatsim members that is not a member within our VACC will be given the role 'VATSIM Member' which will only be given rights to the "VATSIM Member category"
- Visiting Controllers will be given the role 'Visiting Controller' and then have the same access as VATSIM Scandinavia Members. If you have a visiting controller rating with VATSIM Scandinavia, then you have to tell us about this in the #request channel.
- When you have a scheduled training with a mentor, join the - WAITING ROOM - under Training department, and the mentor will then move you in the correct training channel when he/she is connected. (This is a restriction that is in place so that the trainings will no be disturbed by others. This might be changed later on)

Invite link to discord: https://discord.gg/F8SHzZE

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