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Julius Mannermaa

Vacant positions in VATEUD

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VATEUD is seeking people for open positions!
VATEUD Events Manager
With the launch of new VATEUD Wesite, VATEUD is now starting searching for an Events Manager.
Tasks of VATEUD Event Manager
  • Communicate, communicate and collect local events to harmonise events.

Expectations for candidates

  • Able to work with a Content Management System
  • Be a single point of contact of VATEUD for questions and event promotes
  • Graphical skills are appreciated

If you are interested, you can send your application to communications@vateud.net

VATEUD ATC Team Deputy
VATEUD is looking for a Deputy Lead in the ATC Department Team of VATEUD. The ATC Department Team organizes and harmonizes our controller training for all vACC’s of VATEUD. Therefore, this position asks for both deep knowledge about ATC training (VATSIM related only) and the ability to communicate and manage all aspects of the training for our controllers.
  • Good knowledge of ATC Training in VATEUD
  • Permanen ATC rating of C1 or C3
  • Actively involved in ATC Training for at least one year
  • Be a member of VATEUD in one of our vACCs for at least 12 months.
  • Able to communicate (write/talk) in English
  • Able to develop and communicate ATC Training topics

If you are interested, send you application no later than 31st of March 2018 to atc@vateud.net

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