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Martin Stockzell

[Thu 13th Sep 17-19Z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

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@Anton Lindros is up for his Major Airport Endorsement on ESSA_TWR thursday september the 13th at 17Z

Stockholm-Arlanda is of course the major airport in Sweden, serving hundreds of destinations from all over the world. Come help Anton earn his endorsement by flying IFR or VFR from this beautiful airport.

Best scenery to use if by far ORBX ESSA, with Aerosoft Mega Stockholm behind. @Martin Loxbo has also made a BGL-file that makes the standard scenery correct, so controllers don't see you taxing on the runways on their radar screen for example. Download it from here along with great info about the airport. Make sure to have your charts available! At least remember that initial altitude is ALWAYS 5000ft unless otherwise assigned!


Supporting ATC will most likely be available as well! So come fly your heart out!

ESSA_APP: Håkan Schulz
ESSA_TWR: Candidate

Examiner: @Martin Stockzell

Edited by Martin Stockzell

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