Sunday November the 11th, @Krister Larsen (who already has a C1 rating) is up for his Major Airport Endorsement at ESSA (Stockholm-Arlanda Airport).

Even though Krister technically is allowed to control inside Sweden, he still need to get his MAE for ESSA so come along and help him earn this!

Examiner is @Hakan Schulz and he has also requested that Krister will man ESSA_APP without support from TWR, GND or DEL for the first hour.

So at 18Z supporting AD-controllers are welcome to join.

Come fly IFR or VFR to help Krister show what he's got!

Supporting positions such as ESOS/ESMM and/or other AD are of course more then welcome to join to gain as much traffic as we can.

Best of luck to Krister!