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    09 Jun 2019 01:00 PM      06:00 PM

    For a long time the area control in Finland has been called "Tampere Radar" but this has changed at AIRAC 1905. A lot of changes has been introduced to Finnish airspace at this cycle and the most noticeable for pilots is that area control now has the callsign "Helsinki Control".
    In order to say good bye to "Tampere Radar" and welcome "Helsinki Control" we would like to invite pilots to Finnish airspace on Sunday 9 June between 15-20z. You can expect excellent staffing at the main airport EFHK and EFTP. Take the chance to explore Finland in the early summer time with brilliant ATC coverage and welcome "Helsinki Control". 
    As always we encourage you to bring your charts with you. The Finnish controllers hope that you will be joining us for Sunday 9 June.
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    Photo Credit: Valentin Hintikka

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