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  2. Thank you for the kind words. I don't know if it is possible to fix, but I will definitely have a look at the multi-display issue.
  3. Super plugin, and great working with AFV. Thank you for contributing to the ES Plugin community 😎 Just one question though. For those of us that are running several instances of ES, It seems only to show up on the one that you have "active" in windows, any posibility to make this always active for every display?
  4. I have just released a new version of my RDF plugin for Euroscope, updated after Audio For Vatsim went live. RDF (Radio Direction Finder) is particularly usefull when controlling geographically large sectors (for example Eurocontrol North, Sweden Control etc.). When a pilot starts his voice transmission, a circle is drawn around the radar tag, or a line in the direction of the tag if outside the visible screen. This reduces the number of used ".find" commands, since the plane can easily be found with the highlighting. More info and download: https://github.com/chembergj/rdf
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  6. Gratulerar! Häftigt att vara den sista checkad på gamla VVL-Voicen! 😎
  7. Thanks, will be fixed in the next release.
  8. Hello. VATSpy is a really old software, that has not had their sectors updated in over 10 years and because of this the map of vatspy is really outdated by default. The best example is "ENTR" in Norway which is now controlled by ENBD in Norway, and ENTR itself have not existed in many many years now. Finland has also converted from EFES to EFIN, again causing issues with Finland not lighting up on the map. There are several other sectors out thru the world that is not lighted either, and based on this: https://github.com/FlynZSky/VAT-Spy-Client-Data-Update-Project I have made an updated version that includes EFIN and the newest Norwegian sectors. Installation is really simple, and you will all of a sudden see a lot better coverage of ATC. Keep in mind that vatspy has some limitations such in the UK where LON_S_CTR will show the whole EGLL FIR lighted up, this is not the file's fault, but limitations in VATSpy itself, however it is a lot better than default VATSpy. VAT-Spy.zip
  9. @Marvin Juzwiak passed his S3 check at Göteborg Control Sunday evening with professional, outstanding and excellent performance. Please, join me in congratulating Marvin to his new S3 rating. Welcome as Approach Controller !
  10. Is it possible to get a better example on how to use the new BLOCKS command? Trying to block stand 23 and 25 when code D E and F is on stand 24 Edit: Seems like I figured it out.
  11. BUG - Unable to check/uncheck "EOBT" in DEP List the settings menu in plugin. Able to set it via the settings file.
  12. Ground Radar plugin 1.2.2 beta 2 is available with the following changes: an improved Schengen area definition, i.e. an ability to exclude airport codes from the general list. The excluded codes are by default the Svalbard island codes. ability to control stand blocking based on aircraft dimensions (optional additional data in the "BLOCKS" line) Limiting the stand blocking is for now based only on the aircraft dimensions. If necessary, I can add limiting by wake turbulence categories as well as they wouldn't conflict with the aerodrome reference code letters, but does anyone have an example where the wake turbulence category would play a role in blocking stands? Jet blast concerns comes to mind as a possible scenario, but only when towing departing aircraft to a suitable start-up position isn't an option.
  13. After some major back-end rewrites I released a new version. Requests are now around 50% faster and cached requests take only around 250 ms instead of the 2 s for non cached ones.
  14. Congratulations to @Karl Widborg who made an excellent performance on ESSA TWR tonight, earning his MAE!
  15. Did not think about the Svalbard issue when defining the Schengen area. I'll make it possible to exclude airport codes from the area. It is possible to use for example "ADEP:EN" and "NOTADEP:ENSB" together to create domestic non-ENSB stands, but creating Schengen+Intl+ENSB non-domestic stands requires defining two stands with the same name at the same location, one set as "NOTADEP:EN" to allow all except EN* origins, the other as "ADEP:ENSB" to allow ENSB as well. Related to this, using group definitions is a handy way to define a number of items using an alias. A lot less clutter and easier to maintain. For example at the top of the file set: GROUP:Svalbard:ENAS,ENSA,ENSB and then later you can use for example "NOTADEP:GROUP_Svalbard" to exclude all Svalbard departures. Other uses for groups could be for example type or callsign lists. I'll see what can be done regarding the stand blocking.
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  17. Don't mind if I sit on ESMS_TWR for this one. I'd like to do that!
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