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    As per the Constitution section 6, paragraph 1 this is my official announcement that I intend to stay on as Director during 2020. Martin Stockzell, Director of VATSIM Scandinavia
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    The controllers of Austria, Sweden and Denmark welcome you for a shuttle between Billund (EKBI), Gothenburg (ESGG), Klagenfurt (LOWK) and Salzburg (LOWS) on Sunday 26 January between 17-21z. If you like skiing, depart from either Denmark and Sweden and head south for Austria. If you don't fancy skiing, why don't explore Billund or Gothenburg? Whatever you choose from, we will make sure you will have an exciting evening of flying with a lot of traffic and excellent ATC coverage both at the airport and en route. No matter if you are into winter activities such as snowboarding and after-ski or exploring the cities, remember to have your charts in the cockpit and please use the routes stated below: LOWS - EKBI: INROM DCT SIMBA Y700 NENUM DCT RUDNO M736 AKOSI DCT LARET M852 ALS DCT LOKSA DCT GELBA LOWS - ESGG: INROM DCT SIMBA Y700 NENUM DCT RUDNO L132 KILNU DCT MILGU DCT SALLO M44 INRER L621 ERNOV N15 LASLI L997 RISMA - LOWK - EKBI: INGID DCT SIMBA DCT ARMUT DCT LARET M852 ALS DCT LOKSA DCT GELBA LOWK - ESGG: INGID DCT TIVAP Z33 RISUK L858 HDO M725 KOGIM M44 INRER L621 ERNOV N15 LASLI L997 RISMA - EKBI - LOWS: ALS M852 POVEL Z94 ABGUS DCT ALOSO T703 ARBAX T108 OSTES T700 BADIT EKBI - LOWK: ALS M852 EKERN DCT KEMAD UN851 MASEK UL126 DINKU UL603 LATLO DCT OBEDI DCT TISMA - ESGG - LOWS: TOPLA L996 ERNOV L621 INRER M44 KOGIM M725 RENKI DCT MAREM T106 NETES T700 BADIT ESGG - LOWK: TOPLA L996 ERNOV L621 INRER M44 KOGIM M725 LANUX DCT RUPET DCT ABIRI Austrian Charts | Scandinavian Charts We wish you many happy landings!
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    This forum contains information on various EuroScope plugins. Where to post stuff? If it's directly related to a specific version of a plugin (bug report, question about a newly introduced feature, etc.), then post in the release announcement thread for that plugin version. If it's a release build, the thread may be locked. In that case start a new thread. If it's an older beta build, check if it's still applicable in the current beta, and if so, post in that thread. If it's not version-specific, but related to a specific plugin, then start a new thread unless an existing thread looks suitable. Avoid posting unrelated issues in existing threads. If it's about more than one plugin, then split it so that there's information about just one plugin in any given thread. If it's not plugin related at all, then find another better suited forum. As the beta version release threads can be considered "required reading" for persons using the beta plugins as they are the place where instructions, news and use limitations will be announced, take extra care to keep them readable. Posts may be edited, moved or deleted without notice to achieve this goal. Unless otherwise specified, there are no limitations to using the beta versions, but users should occasionally check this forum for important information regarding the beta versions - bugs, inoperative features, etc. - this is the reason for not providing a download link in the plugin update dialog. Even though the difference quality-wise between the release and beta builds is minimal, new and changed features always present a somewhat increased risk of issues so use at your own risk. Any feedback regarding bugs, documentations issues and so on is always welcome, otherwise the beta versions never become release ones...
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    Please join me in welcoming Erik to the team of Arlanda endorsed controllers! Great job tonight!
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    Until AFV is integrated into EuroScope, and/or there is a proper SDK for AFV, it may be difficult to get RDF working as it should. For now, the plugin does not have the capability to display RDF data on all instances, but theoretically could show it on one instance (either the one with the active window, the primary instance, or a completely random one, the plugin has no control over that...). The current development code has some changes that could improve this so that all instances running on the same computer as the AFV standalone client would show the RDF data, but I haven't done any tests on that yet. If it works, it'll be available on the next release. If not, we'll just have to wait for improvements in AFV/EuroScope. Update: just did a quick online test of the new RDF code and surprisingly it worked as planned, so the chances of RDF working with multiple instances in the next release is good...
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    There will be a S2 MAE check at Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) Tuesday 28th of January 18.00Z - 20.00Z. @Erik Hockert will man Arlanda Tower to show his skills as Tower controller at this major busy airport. Examiner will be @Arvid Hansson . Most welcome to fly Arlanda to give Erik a real challenge. All kinds of traffic of course most welcome, jet and turboprop flying IFR and VFR flights around the airport. To prepare your flight, please, find supporting information: Pilot Charts | Arlanda Airport (ESSA) Information
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    MAESTRO plugin 1.0 beta 4 Bug fixes When starting web master mode now also checks web for existing sequence data if local sequence data is not found General information A feasibility study of an arrival manager plugin. Still not sure if it has the potential to be more helpful than distracting when it's actually needed (i.e. big events). As you can imagine, online testing in heavy traffic has been almost non-existent, but it hasn't been completely useless in logfile playbacks. The included settings file contains some example settings for a couple of airports (putting System_Version=1 as a global setting at the top is recommended if you plan on using that version so you get the correct GUI also before setting an airport). For those of you running an earlier beta, the settings files have changed (no more airports data file, it's all in the settings) so it's probably best to remove the earlier files. And for heaven's sake, do not keep a file named "MAESTRO_data.txt" in the same folder with the plugin dll for any reason as the plugin will overwrite it without warning! There's big warning box in the manual about this but now you've been warned here as well...
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    Double congrats to both @Christian Kovanen and @Patrick Ojanen for passing their checkouts this evening, great job!
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    First of all, merry christmas to all of you! We are approaching the end of 2019, and I realized that it was a long time ago someone actually tried to explain all the good and hard work the staff and board members of VATSIM Scandinavia does. And of course our entire team of mentors whom without, we couldn't produce the amount of great ATC students! A warm thank you to all involved in the training department! Now, to summarize parts of 2019. It's really been a year where a LOT has happened - both inside and outside VATSIM Scandinavia. First of all, we lost a FIR and got a brand new one. Well, not really - but it sounds more dramatic that way. Tampere FIR was revamped and Helsinki FIR was born. Our previous Director Julius Mannermaa got the honor of being the first FIR Director of Helsinki FIR, before leaving his role shortly after and was replaced by Joonatan Porkkala. The board created a new version of our Constitution that all members got their constitutional 14 days of objection time. It's now (still) in the hands of VATEUD who has the last word. There are some major personnel changed going on there so things can time longer then usual. Our newly appointed DPO Christian Kovanen also did a major revision of our Data Protection Policy. My guess is that VATSCA has one of the most detailed DPP in the VATSIM community as of today! And speaking of VATEUD, they informed us earlier this year that they intended to shut down their API from where ALL of our user data was pulled for things like TAS and so on. However this happened sooner then expected, so unfortunately we had to stop accepting new training requests for about a month, right smack in vacation time of the year... During that month our "brand new" Web Team managed to switch over to a system better equipped for our purposes as well as fully GDPR compliant. Amazing, AMAZING, work by our new Web Services Director Daniel Lange together with Henrik Sønstebø, Mikael Harju and Gustav Kauman! The Web Department didn't stop there. They have started the major task of creating a brand new training and member management system (SANTA) which will hopefully see the light of day during Q1 2020. I couldn't be more excited! VATSIM Scandinavia got a new graphical profile, thanks to a formal propsal made by Krister Larsen some time back. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that I absolutely love it! It's a fresh and modern change! We have also acquired a VPS to hopefully not have to rely on independent members services. This is of course not free and if you feel a bit generous - donations are very much welcome! Finally, one of the most exciting stuff in the VATSIM world was finally introduced. AFV! This of course involved a lot of work to coordinate 5 different FIR:s and create a database of transceivers, frequencies and positions. I'm not going to take any credit for this - but I wish to extend a major thank you to all FIR Directors and a special thanks to Werner Rafteseth, Petter Jakobsson and Martin Tornberg who worked extremely hard to make sure that we got an amazingly easy transition from the old voice system. This might sound like a cliché, but we literally couldn't have done it without you guys! And to cap it off, with the introduction of AFV, this years Fly and see Santa was of course a record breaker! Almost 400 aircrafts headed towards EFRO - but thanks to great preparation and coordination the amount of holding was not that intense as it used to be. The FSS coordination team this year was the FIR Directors of Norway, Sweden and Finland - Daniel Klepp, Martin Loxbo and Joonatan Porkkala, together with the event department headed by Martin Tornberg with help from Krister Larsen. Juha Holopainen Petter Jakobsson and Sebastian Rekdal provided superb help to really make it a fantastic event! Now if you have made it this far, I just want to add that this was just the tip of the iceberg. A lot more has happened and a lot more people have been involved in making this community greater every day. I'm very thankful for every volunteer involved in our fantastic community. Together we are great, let's keep going and make 2020 fantastic! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Martin Stockzell, Director of VATSIM Scandinavia
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    Coming up this evening 28th of January, 18-20Z, S2 MAE Arlanda Tower check with Erik. Welcome and fly Stockholm - Arlanda (ESSA) !
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    This is tonight, we hope to see you online!
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    It is possible, in the "COOPANS" version by switching the N off in the Track Control Window. In the other version it's off by default. The default state can be set using the settings file (Label_All_N). Regarding the other request, unless there actually is a real TopSky system somewhere displaying a two-letter ADES, it will go into the "non-TopSky requests" pile which I'll deal with after I've run out of TopSky related things to do.
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    v1.21: Smaller optimizations, removed dynamic lightning objects for P3D-version, and cleaned up a few "unnecessary" objects to improve performance
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    It does not cancel any restriction. The reason why you would want to specify climb via SID/STAR is to make sure they do not actually cancel the restrictions.
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    Always a pleasure controlling you guys, see you next time!
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    The TRL values in the QNH/TL window are for display only, they do not have any influence to other parts of the plugin. The window shows data for all airports for which a METAR has been requested by EuroScope. Hiding the METAR from the ES list has no effect as the plugin won’t know about that. Any of the following may help: - turning MTCD and/or SAP off - using an altitude filter - adjusting safety net parameters (for example raising the lowest level to search for conflicts as you’re only working upper airspace) - wait for AFV to hopefully get better performance-wise, as it’s an additional burden on limited resources when using older hardware...
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    Hi VATSIM Scandinavia, Friday evening January 3, the FSCB-Flightgroup arrived at Copenhagen and as we approached EKCH we saw as many as 5 (!) controllers online. We want to thank the controllers very much for their great ATC: Morten as EKDK_CTR, Daniel on EKCH_APP and even EKCH_F_APP was online (Boaz) with Adrian in the TWR and Jakob on GND. We really enjoyed our arrival at Copenhagen: instructions were clear and professional ! Thank you Paul on behalf of FSCB-Flightgroup KLM366
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    Merry Christmas to everyone Before the dinner is ready and presents get unpacked, I thought to share an update from the web team, as last time was October. Handover (our centralised login system for member data) is still to be implemented on forums, as currently it only exists in TAS. You'll probably not notice the implementation at all once it's done, as the only visual difference is that you might be served a Privacy Policy to accept upon login, if you haven't already accepted it when logging into TAS. Development of SANTA (Our successor of TAS) has started and the progress is currently a bit slow and steady due to lack of time. SANTA will not come home for Christmas, but Christmas lasts to easter, right? But on a serious note, we don't have a time estimate of when it's done at this point, but we hope it'll be ready for release VATSOON™. Lately we've worked mostly on the design, login screen, and the application form for training. We still have quite a lot to do, but we hope the current vacations might boost things a bit as well I've attached some screenshots of the current state. SANTA is currently our top priority, and Handover a side-objective. Otherwise we have a lot of other things and requests we'd like to do, but we're unable to prioritize at this point, but I'll wrap it up here to keep it short. Happy holidays, and a happy new year Best regards, the Web Department
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    Holy shit, it works!! Aaah, I did not know that I have to trigger the NOTAM download manually. Also I did forget to load the FIR NOTAMS with "Airspace_NOTAM_Add=LOVV" but I realized that once you gave me the hint with the NOTAM download. Also the Debugging works now, perfect! I can not grasp what you have done with this Plugin Juha, my jaw just dropped onto the desk.
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