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    I have just released a new version of my RDF plugin for Euroscope, updated after Audio For Vatsim went live. RDF (Radio Direction Finder) is particularly usefull when controlling geographically large sectors (for example Eurocontrol North, Sweden Control etc.). When a pilot starts his voice transmission, a circle is drawn around the radar tag, or a line in the direction of the tag if outside the visible screen. This reduces the number of used ".find" commands, since the plane can easily be found with the highlighting. More info and download: https://github.com/chembergj/rdf
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    @Marvin Juzwiak passed his S3 check at Göteborg Control Sunday evening with professional, outstanding and excellent performance. Please, join me in congratulating Marvin to his new S3 rating. Welcome as Approach Controller !
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    Ground Radar plugin 1.2.2 beta 2 is available with the following changes: an improved Schengen area definition, i.e. an ability to exclude airport codes from the general list. The excluded codes are by default the Svalbard island codes. ability to control stand blocking based on aircraft dimensions (optional additional data in the "BLOCKS" line) Limiting the stand blocking is for now based only on the aircraft dimensions. If necessary, I can add limiting by wake turbulence categories as well as they wouldn't conflict with the aerodrome reference code letters, but does anyone have an example where the wake turbulence category would play a role in blocking stands? Jet blast concerns comes to mind as a possible scenario, but only when towing departing aircraft to a suitable start-up position isn't an option.
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    New beta versions are available: TopSky 2.2.1 beta 7 Ground Radar plugin 1.2.2 beta 1 There are no major changes to either plugin in terms of features. The TopSky plugin has an RDF function which at this point will be short-lived as it will cease to work when the new voice codec is taken into use in two weeks time. Whether it can be re-coded after that, remains to be seen. The Ground Radar plugin contains a number of bug fixes related to having more than one ASR with the same airport open, and an added comms type ("r" or "t") flag in the track labels. The main reason for the new versions is changing to a newer development environment (VS2019 from VS2010 for anyone that cares...) causing a number of changes in the code. This may have introduced unwanted behaviour so I thought best to release new beta versions without much to brag about in terms of new features. MAESTRO plugin 1.0 beta 3 A feasibility study of an arrival manager plugin. Still not sure if it has the potential to be more helpful than distracting when it's actually needed (i.e. big events). As you can imagine, online testing in heavy traffic has been almost non-existent, but it hasn't been completely useless in logfile playbacks. The included settings file contains some example settings for a couple of airports (putting System_Version=1 as a global setting at the top is recommended if you plan on using that version so you get the correct GUI also before setting an airport). For those of you running an earlier beta, the settings files have changed (no more airports data file, it's all in the settings) so it's probably best to remove the earlier files. And for heaven's sake, do not keep a file named "MAESTRO_data.txt" in the same folder with the plugin dll for any reason as the plugin will overwrite it without warning! There's big warning box in the manual about this but now you've been warned here as well... If the plugin(s) fail to load, you're likely missing the necessary runtime files. On this page, download the Visual Studio 2015,2017,2019 "x86" runtimes to fix it.
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    I made a plugin for Euroscope to generate IFR routes. Let me know what you think! Download: https://github.com/Huijaaja42/RouteFinder
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    Congratulations to @Karl Widborg who made an excellent performance on ESSA TWR tonight, earning his MAE!
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    Did not think about the Svalbard issue when defining the Schengen area. I'll make it possible to exclude airport codes from the area. It is possible to use for example "ADEP:EN" and "NOTADEP:ENSB" together to create domestic non-ENSB stands, but creating Schengen+Intl+ENSB non-domestic stands requires defining two stands with the same name at the same location, one set as "NOTADEP:EN" to allow all except EN* origins, the other as "ADEP:ENSB" to allow ENSB as well. Related to this, using group definitions is a handy way to define a number of items using an alias. A lot less clutter and easier to maintain. For example at the top of the file set: GROUP:Svalbard:ENAS,ENSA,ENSB and then later you can use for example "NOTADEP:GROUP_Svalbard" to exclude all Svalbard departures. Other uses for groups could be for example type or callsign lists. I'll see what can be done regarding the stand blocking.
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    As everyone knows, AFV (Audio For VATSIM) will be implemented as the new audio system of VATSIM from October the 14:th at roughly 20.00Z From October 13 at 20Z the network will be COMPLETELY OFFLINE for about 24 hours with this major upgrade. Please note in your calendars that no connections to VATSIM will be possible and take this time to start reading through the user guide, preparing new software and so on. We will update you when all new information regarding clients is available. For now have a look at https://audio.vatsim.net to stay in touch. VATSIM AFV User Guide.pdf
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    Thank you for the kind words. I don't know if it is possible to fix, but I will definitely have a look at the multi-display issue.
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    Tested the plugin tonight and it worked flawless
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    Gratulerar! Häftigt att vara den sista checkad på gamla VVL-Voicen! 😎
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    Sunday 20th of October 16.00z - 19.00z @Jimmy Stigsjoo and @Thomas Ljung will have their first training session for C1 rating, manning Sweden Control sectors in the south east and southern part of Sweden (positions ESMM_7_CTR and ESMS_APP). Welcome and fly in Sweden, for example to Malmö Sturup (ESMS) or into Copenhagen Kastrup (EKCH) ! Supporting ATC on Sweden Control (ESOS-1 and/or ESMM-5) and Sturup Tower (ESMS_TWR) would be very much appreciated.
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    SANTA is the new name of "Scandinavian Training Administration", also known as the successor of TAS. The development is in progress and we need your help for our front-page where you click log in! Therefore we're creating a small competition, if you may call that - where we use the best fitting entry in our front page of SANTA. The prize are virtual hugs and contribution to the community! ? This is the current login screen of SANTA. The competition is in two parts, you may do one or both. 1. The background image. We need something that represent Scandinavia (right now we stole VATUK's as an example). Preferably we don't wish a collage of images, but we do want to represent all our FIRs - so there's a technical possibility to randomly display a country for each time you vist the page. 2. The logo/icon of SANTA. Right now it's a sleigh, perhaps something else? You may submit your entries in this thread as replies, until October 15th 18z. Please remember to keep your original project files if you do some edits, as sometimes we might be interested in doing some tweaks afterwards. The picture should preferably be in resolution of 2560x1440. Remember to not have too much details in the picture, or diffuse them so it does not interfere with the logo and login button.
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    Source: ICAO doc 4444, 4.9.2
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    This is offline... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJyfl2_zbXM&feature=youtu.be
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    You can still validate if you visit the NOP Public Portal. There you can copy paste the ATC flightplan that PFPX created. https://www.public.nm.eurocontrol.int/PUBPORTAL/gateway/spec/index.html
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    The radar menu issues are now fixed, please re-download the plugin. The only changed file in the package is TopSky.dll with timestamp today at 5.12UTC
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    Good news everyone! The Web Department has worked like minions to get things working again. So for a trial basis of 2 weeks, TAS is once again open for new training requests! Note that this trial period can be cut short if something were to happen (technically). If all is well after two weeks, we will evaluate the results and brief you again.
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    The board of VATSIM Scandinavia and the Data Protection Officer has approved a new version of the DPP and it replaces the old one as of today. It's available here, and we encourage everyone to read it.
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