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  1. probably you already considered this, but just here to say it would be pretty cool to have the ACTIVE:NOTAM option also available for the GroundRadar plugin the same way it works with the TopSky part. I have all the LPPT taxiways defined, then I could have a duplicate entry for them with the TWYCLOSED definition and have it ACTIVE:NOTAM so that it closes when the notams say so
  2. Is it possible to specify colors for the CLAM and RAM warnings? From what I gathered from the documentation I think that no, but just wanted to double check. Ideally I'd want them yellow but I can live with them being the tag color
  3. small bug on beta, setting System_TransferConfirmation to 1 or 2 will set transfer confirmation to off, while setting it to 0 will set it to NotRFL, which doesn't match the documentation or looks intended.
  4. oops been away for a while RPSF is the flight plan track (FPASD) symbol.
  5. Thanks for the update, life is much better now without euroscope crashing. One thing I noticed was missing from documentation was the the RPSF symbol option for the FPASD tracks, in the symbols.txt, in case anyone else needs it.
  6. Derp, you're right, now when I set it correctly nothing shows on the label. Interestingly if I set the usertext in the airspace management window it shows on the label.
  7. Got two things going on, first is a daily crash, I'm not entirely sure what is the trigger for it, but holding down right Ctrl (ptt button) while doing handoffs or releasing tags crashes the plugin a lot of the times. Other times it just crashes without touching anything. Here's a link to the dump, I think that one happened while holding down right Ctrl but I'm not sure. Another thing is that I have these areas defined to show only UserText in their label, or at least I was trying to, and it does show. However when UserText is redefined on AreasManual.txt the plugin does recognize it and show it on the airspace management window, but not on the radar display. Heres is the area definition on areas and AreasManual ... CATEGORYDEF:AMC:7:7:0:6:6:0:0:1:0:0:0 ... ... //LPTRA56 AREA:T:LPTRA56 CATEGORY:AMC LABEL:N039.26.21.000:W008.19.28.000:SFL140 LIMITS:0:130 N039.30.55.000 W008.27.05.000 N039.32.11.000 W008.16.54.000 N039.32.11.000 W008.16.54.000 N039.24.35.000 W008.16.08.000 N039.24.35.000 W008.16.08.000 N039.24.35.000 W008.21.35.000 N039.24.35.000 W008.21.35.000 N039.23.01.000 W008.26.58.000 N039.23.01.000 W008.26.58.000 N039.25.33.000 W008.29.41.000 N039.25.33.000 W008.29.41.000 N039.30.55.000 W008.27.05.000 LPTRA56:191115:191115:0:1100:2359:0:10000:SFL110 First shot is while clicking down on the area info dot thing.
  8. New beta version is available: Ground Radar plugin 1.2.2 beta 3 Bug fixes Edited to include the download link and change list above. Original post below: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, we are looking into implementing TopSky and the ground radar plugins in Portugal vACC. We have an issue with the stands, some of the stands at LPPT overlap in a way that some of them are essentially in the same position, the pictures shows it better The diagonal ones are for wide bodies generally speaking and the straight ones have A321 as critical aircraft type. In the future could the plugin use more info such as the heading or aircraft type to determine which stand is being occupied? In my eyes this layout could be solved by either telling it the heading or by having a minimum wingspan or weight or something to differentiate between narrow and wide body stands.
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