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  1. Hello. VATSpy is a really old software, that has not had their sectors updated in over 10 years and because of this the map of vatspy is really outdated by default. The best example is "ENTR" in Norway which is now controlled by ENBD in Norway, and ENTR itself have not existed in many many years now. Finland has also converted from EFES to EFIN, again causing issues with Finland not lighting up on the map. There are several other sectors out thru the world that is not lighted either, and based on this: https://github.com/FlynZSky/VAT-Spy-Client-Data-Update-Project I have made an updated version that includes EFIN and the newest Norwegian sectors. Installation is really simple, and you will all of a sudden see a lot better coverage of ATC. Keep in mind that vatspy has some limitations such in the UK where LON_S_CTR will show the whole EGLL FIR lighted up, this is not the file's fault, but limitations in VATSpy itself, however it is a lot better than default VATSpy. VAT-Spy.zip
  2. Is it possible to get a better example on how to use the new BLOCKS command? Trying to block stand 23 and 25 when code D E and F is on stand 24 Edit: Seems like I figured it out.
  3. From domestic Norway to Svalbard island is considered international non-schengen. They park on a international stand, and passengers need to go through passport control. However I would rather avoid the possible confusion with less experienced controllers. One stand named 24, with different settings depending on it being heavy or medium, hence the suggestment.
  4. What if you want Scengen + Intl traffic on a stand, but not norwegian domestic flights? We can not add NOTADEP:EN since that will block ENSB too then, or will ADEP:ENSB "overwrite" the NOTADEP:EN?
  5. I was thinking about this by making something as 24H, however, if a pilot spawns on the gate, how will it select the "correct" gate the pilot spawned on if their at the same location? I do not want the side gates to be accidently blocked because a 737 spawned on the gate 24, neither do I want the side gates to be available if a B777 spawns there. IIRC at ENGM if a B738 spawns on a heavy stand, the stand will be concidered as occupied on the plugin, but the plugin will not assign that stand for medium arriving traffic even if its is vacant.
  6. In ENBR we have a scenario where Heavy (E) may park on stand 24 and 27, however if a heavy park on these stands, the 2 stands next to them get blocked, however they do not get blocked if a regular medium parks there. Example: Heavy parked on stand 27 will make stand 28 and 26 blocked, however a medium on stand 27 makes stand 28 and 26 available. Is it possible to get support for this in the groundradar?
  7. until
    Fly to ENBR, Sunday the 8th of September, and help Paul-Eirik prove his worthiness of an S2 rating! The checkout will last from 17 to 18:30 zulu. We hope to see you around! Scenery FSX/P3D: Aerosoft Bergen X (Payware) FSX/P3D: AoN (Freeware) X-Plane 10/11: Airport Bergen XP (Payware) Charts AIP Norway
  8. Fly to ENBR, Sunday the 8th of September, and help Paul-Eirik prove his worthiness of an S2 rating! The checkout will last from 17 to 18:30 zulu. We hope to see you around! Scenery FSX/P3D: Aerosoft Bergen X (Payware) FSX/P3D: AoN (Freeware) X-Plane 10/11: Airport Bergen XP (Payware) Charts AIP Norway
  9. I have little idea how it's going to be implemented in simvector, none of the contributors was transferred to that part, and I myself had a lot of pending updates for Norway, Iceland, Finland and Baltic area that never got implemented. Neither have I seen any of the sectors that were already in accumap been implemented in simvector yet.
  10. But in VATSCA to get those 10 hours, you can just log onto a very very quiet airport as a tower (no matter S2/S3/C1/C3 rating), do not do anything for 10 hours and then be qualified for that year. How would you still avoid people who does this and after lets say 2-4 years come back and do not meet the expected requirements of knownledge? Are you allowed to "remove" their active status, or do we just have to live with that unexperienced controller now? For me it do not really matter if its a 6 month or 12 month period of activity, however I atleast want any backup policy to avoid people abusing this policy like this and therefor be very inexperienced when they return to us.
  11. "RAM" (route amendment warning) in the tag indicates that he is not following the filed/correct route, did you attempt to toggle his route and actully see that he was following his filed route? Sometimes euroscope gets buggy and dont update the "next point" hence it thinks the airplane is supposed to fly back and continue on the route. This is usually solved by setting direct point to his current inbound waypoint.
  12. @Felix Holmertz if you want to show where all different lower limits are, we need to have one "Simple" polygon that shows just the TMA when zoomed out, and when you zoom closer, it will display the different lower limits. I have implemented this on ENGM_APP, so take a look whenever ENGM_APP is online. (Zoom in and out to see the differeres) When it comes to ESOS/ESMM: There is a possibility that accumap by the end of this year will have a funciton where it combines the polygons of one sector (So if ESOS_CTR is online alone, it will just show the whole FIR as one polygon), and whenever more sectors log on, it will make a new polygon for that sector, therefore if the .json mapping files are well made, we could in theory import all sectors. The only difficulty at this moment is that accumap do not yet support the FL filter for online sectors, but this will be active before accumap is out of beta. For now atleast, keeping only the major sectors in would look the best.
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