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  1. I will have a training session on ESMM-5. Supporting ATC is appreciated. ESOS, ESSA_APP, ESGG_APP or something else And pilots are welcome to fly in the area!
  2. What about the folders in the build? And some files named "beta"? Looked at an earlier version. My bad - I have been in the sun to long
  3. Ett sent grattis!!! Flög ju själv och det lät väldigt bra det lilla jag hörde
  4. Gäller även Simbrief. Men Martins tips fungerar bra!
  5. Congrats Henning!! Hope to see you online as S2 soon! ??️?
  6. More info has arrived! https://www.vatsim.net/news/upgrades-vatsim-infrastructure
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