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  1. Väldigt offtopic, men det är faktiskt en extremt berättigad fråga!
  2. Jag är faktiskt (helt otroligt) återigen på middag som kräver högtidsdräkt den torsdagen. Annars hade jag kommit med CRJ:n Vilket alltså i principen betyder att du har en enorm fördel av att slippa mig Lycka till! Ser inte att det här ska vara några problem!
  3. Grattis. Ledsen för mitt sena avhopp, skönt att det löste sig!
  4. That's what I did. In TopSkySettings.txt but got a settings error when loading ES. Again, I'm not planning to use it (see Martin Loxbos post above) but I was curious on how/if it worked, but I think it answered itself with our local setups
  5. Hmm. I tried to test the plug in, but as soon as an aircraft transmitted; ES crashed to desktop. @Juha Holopainen could this be something that clashes with Topsky? I think you mentioned something to add to topskysettings, but i got a settings error when i did so
  6. I forgot how effective our Web Department is, so everyone enjoy the new look!
  7. I'm very pleased to announce that the board of VATSIM Scandinavia has approved a formal proposal from Krister Larsen of a completely new graphical profile. The current one has been with us for a few years now, and it's about time to get a fresh update. The roll out will happen in increments. First of all, the logotype will change on the forums, web page and other places where it exists as of today. Next, the forum will get a brand new "theme" based on the new color scheme. And later on the web page with be completely overhauled to also match everything else. Official documents will be converted when time permits, and you as members, staff, mentors or just about everyone else is very welcome to help out with this, quite time consuming, task. Note: If you have the old logotype lying around and use it when streaming, making videos and other materials - please discard that one. A new one will be provided shortly together with a set of guidelines on how the profile is to be used, as well as document templates and other related information! Attached to this post is the proposal that Krister (and also later on Daniel) provided the board. I'm showing it - as is - so you can form your own opinion. However, this is of course not the complete profile, as stated above. That will be provided in a short while! I want to thank Krister, and Daniel, for their amazing work and patience over the last months (and almost years). It is really going to be a big improvement to this community! http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/VATSCA_Logo_Proposal_2019.pdf
  8. I'm gonna post this here as well, since I think that the reason is where ES "starts from". Most of our settings files, sectors, asr:s and other stuff included in your .prf is stored under Documents\Euroscope, so it can create a bunch of strange errors if not opeing ES from a shortcut (I actually think that the AFV manual also makes a note of this in the bible). - Make sure to always start ES from a shortcut - Make sure that that shortcuts points to where your Euroscope settings folder is (see my example below)
  9. Congratulations to @Karl Widborg who made an excellent performance on ESSA TWR tonight, earning his MAE!
  10. As everyone knows, AFV (Audio For VATSIM) will be implemented as the new audio system of VATSIM from October the 14:th at roughly 20.00Z From October 13 at 20Z the network will be COMPLETELY OFFLINE for about 24 hours with this major upgrade. Please note in your calendars that no connections to VATSIM will be possible and take this time to start reading through the user guide, preparing new software and so on. We will update you when all new information regarding clients is available. For now have a look at https://audio.vatsim.net to stay in touch. VATSIM AFV User Guide.pdf
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