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  1. Congratulations to @Karl Widborg who made an excellent performance on ESSA TWR tonight, earning his MAE!
  2. As everyone knows, AFV (Audio For VATSIM) will be implemented as the new audio system of VATSIM from October the 14:th at roughly 20.00Z From October 13 at 20Z the network will be COMPLETELY OFFLINE for about 24 hours with this major upgrade. Please note in your calendars that no connections to VATSIM will be possible and take this time to start reading through the user guide, preparing new software and so on. We will update you when all new information regarding clients is available. For now have a look at https://audio.vatsim.net to stay in touch. VATSIM AFV User Guide.pdf
  3. until
    Entire network offline due to AFV implementation!
  4. To finish off this thread, our Training Director @HÃ¥vard Halvorsen together with Web Services Director @Daniel Lange has given the green light after the trial. This matter is finally closed!
  5. Good news everyone! The Web Department has worked like minions to get things working again. So for a trial basis of 2 weeks, TAS is once again open for new training requests! Note that this trial period can be cut short if something were to happen (technically). If all is well after two weeks, we will evaluate the results and brief you again.
  6. The board of VATSIM Scandinavia and the Data Protection Officer has approved a new version of the DPP and it replaces the old one as of today. It's available here, and we encourage everyone to read it.
  7. I'm pleased to inform that @Christian Kovanen has been appointed as the new DPO. He replaces @Joonatan Porkkala who had the role both before and after he became FIR Director of Helsinki. Christian has already been briefed about what his duties and responsibilities are, and has also already made some comments and remarks in regards to an updated version of the Data Protection Policy that we are drafting. The DPO (Data Protection Officer) is an auxiliary department, even though technically an assistant to the Drector. For any questions, comments, remarks or inquiries about potential GDPR issues and/or other privacy related matters don't hesitate to contact dpo(at)vatsim-scandinavia.org Again. Thanks Christan for giving back to our community!
  8. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to congratulate at least one person now, right?
  9. Our Web Services Director, @Mikael Harju, has informed me that he like to take a step back and leave the position to assume an assistant role instead. I would like to extend a big thank you to Mikael for his hard work, and thank him for staying on! At the same time I would like to congratulate @Daniel Lange to his promotion from Web Services Assistant to Web Services Director effective immediately. All in all, ACCSCA11 and 13 are just switching positions, which is good since the Web Department has a lot of task currently.
  10. Also. Would everyone please log in to TAS to make sure that the system updates the user from the EUD standard to the VATSIM SSO standard. ASAP please, thank you!
  11. until
  12. Small update: Work is progressing nicely, however perhaps not that quickly that you would like. Again I'd like to stress that this is nothing we want to rush and make it semi-good. With that said, we are getting closer, see the latest update from the Web Department:
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