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  1. Hello all, I am pleased to announce that Daniel Dahl Andersen has been appointed to the position as Deputy Training Assistant Denmark. He will help out Lukas with running the Danish part of the Training Department. Congratulation on the appointment!
  2. A little update to this announcement: The Deputy TA position will be vacant until further notice and Mattias will retire entirely from his duties within the Training Department.
  3. @Mattias Krogstad have decided that he is going to step down from his role as Training Assistant Sweden. @Hakan Schulz will be stepping up from his current role as Deputy Training Assistant to take over from Mattias, and the Deputy Training Assistant role will be manned by Mattias until a substitute is in place. Thank you Mattias, for your work and dedication with the Swedish training department.
  4. Hi all, Mats Edvin Aarø have decided that he will be resigning from the TA Norway position. Adrian Bjerke will come in to replace him. Also Krister Larsen have notified us that he will be leaving the Deputy TA Norway position, but will remain as Assistant Event Coordinator. This position will remain vacant for now. I wish Mats Edvin the very best of luck in his future endeavors.
  5. We can report that things have been sorted out and training will be conducted as usual! Happy 1st of April ?
  6. Earlier today I received a mail from the Norwegian Police as they have received concerning messages regarding our training activity. Due to the fact that many of our members is under the age of 18, it is required in Norway that our mentors and staff-members have a attestation from he Police. Since non of the Norwegian mentors or staff-members have this, we have no other option then to shut down the training activity in Norway effective immediately. We apologize for the inconvenience -Training Director
  7. Hi everyone! We have some changes among the Swedes. Since Martin Stockzell has been appointed as our new Director, he will have to leave his position as Training Assistant Sweden. And I'm pleased to announce that it will be @Mattias Krogstad who will move up from Deputy TA Sweden and take over that role, and @Hakan Schulz will take over the place left by Mattias as Deputy Training Assistant Sweden. Martin will be assisting when needed in the transfer period until the credentials are sorted out.
  8. Congratulations Martin! Looking forward to working with you in a different setting. And thanks Julius for your great work and dedication over the last few years.
  9. Hi, I'm pleased to announce that I have appointed @Mats Edvin Aaro to be the next Training Assistant Norway. In a transition period he and Bork will share duties until Bork steps down. The Deputy Training Assistant Norway will also help out if needed.
  10. Hi all, A couple of days ago, Bork Johnsen let us know that he will be resigning from the TA Norway position. He will remain in his position until February 24th. Whilst we work on finding someone who can take over the role on a permanent basis, Krister Larsen will be covering as he is currently working as Deputy TA Norway. I will also help out when it's needed. I wish Bork the very best of luck in his future endeavors.
  11. Also worth mentioning that some of our airports was among the most visited airports on VATSIM in 2018 as well! ENGM on 12th place, EKCH on 14th place and ESSA on 23rd place.
  12. Hi, A while ago @Mathias Johnsen notified me that he will be stepping down as Deputy Training Assistant Norway. I have appointed @Krister Larsen to take over the position as Deputy TA. He will help @Bork Johnsen out with running the training in Norway. I would like use the opportunity to thank Mathias for his job as Deputy TA.
  13. Hello all! @Otto Suhonen has been appointed to be the next Training Assistant Finland. During the transition period Joonatan Porkkala and Otto will share the duties while Joonatan will brief our new TA about credentials and procedures needed for this position. There will also be some transfer of credentials for our new Training Assistant. -Håvard
  14. Hello everyone! @Kobi Lecornu has been appointed to the new Training Assistant Iceland. During the transition he will share duties with Miska Jokinen. And Miska will brief our new TA about credentials and procedures needed for this position. Also there will be some transfer of credentials for our new Training Assistant.
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