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  1. Thanks, will be fixed in the next release.
  2. Ground Radar plugin 1.2.2 beta 2 is available with the following changes: an improved Schengen area definition, i.e. an ability to exclude airport codes from the general list. The excluded codes are by default the Svalbard island codes. ability to control stand blocking based on aircraft dimensions (optional additional data in the "BLOCKS" line) Limiting the stand blocking is for now based only on the aircraft dimensions. If necessary, I can add limiting by wake turbulence categories as well as they wouldn't conflict with the aerodrome reference code letters, but does anyone have an example where the wake turbulence category would play a role in blocking stands? Jet blast concerns comes to mind as a possible scenario, but only when towing departing aircraft to a suitable start-up position isn't an option.
  3. Did not think about the Svalbard issue when defining the Schengen area. I'll make it possible to exclude airport codes from the area. It is possible to use for example "ADEP:EN" and "NOTADEP:ENSB" together to create domestic non-ENSB stands, but creating Schengen+Intl+ENSB non-domestic stands requires defining two stands with the same name at the same location, one set as "NOTADEP:EN" to allow all except EN* origins, the other as "ADEP:ENSB" to allow ENSB as well. Related to this, using group definitions is a handy way to define a number of items using an alias. A lot less clutter and easier to maintain. For example at the top of the file set: GROUP:Svalbard:ENAS,ENSA,ENSB and then later you can use for example "NOTADEP:GROUP_Svalbard" to exclude all Svalbard departures. Other uses for groups could be for example type or callsign lists. I'll see what can be done regarding the stand blocking.
  4. Another quick fix, this time to the MAESTRO plugin to fix an issue reading landing rates specified in the settings file. Same version number, dll timestamp today at 10.19UTC.
  5. The radar menu issues are now fixed, please re-download the plugin. The only changed file in the package is TopSky.dll with timestamp today at 5.12UTC
  6. I suppose they are examples of the unwanted behavior. Should be easy to fix, I’ll get it done by tomorrow.
  7. New beta versions are available: TopSky 2.2.1 beta 7 Ground Radar plugin 1.2.2 beta 1 There are no major changes to either plugin in terms of features. The TopSky plugin has an RDF function which at this point will be short-lived as it will cease to work when the new voice codec is taken into use in two weeks time. Whether it can be re-coded after that, remains to be seen. The Ground Radar plugin contains a number of bug fixes related to having more than one ASR with the same airport open, and an added comms type ("r" or "t") flag in the track labels. The main reason for the new versions is changing to a newer development environment (VS2019 from VS2010 for anyone that cares...) causing a number of changes in the code. This may have introduced unwanted behaviour so I thought best to release new beta versions without much to brag about in terms of new features. MAESTRO plugin 1.0 beta 3 A feasibility study of an arrival manager plugin. Still not sure if it has the potential to be more helpful than distracting when it's actually needed (i.e. big events). As you can imagine, online testing in heavy traffic has been almost non-existent, but it hasn't been completely useless in logfile playbacks. The included settings file contains some example settings for a couple of airports (putting System_Version=1 as a global setting at the top is recommended if you plan on using that version so you get the correct GUI also before setting an airport). For those of you running an earlier beta, the settings files have changed (no more airports data file, it's all in the settings) so it's probably best to remove the earlier files. And for heaven's sake, do not keep a file named "MAESTRO_data.txt" in the same folder with the plugin dll for any reason as the plugin will overwrite it without warning! There's big warning box in the manual about this but now you've been warned here as well... If the plugin(s) fail to load, you're likely missing the necessary runtime files. On this page, download the Visual Studio 2015,2017,2019 "x86" runtimes to fix it.
  8. Another update to TopSky: TopSky 2.2.1 beta 6 Changes from beta 5 include: Fixes in the datalink code. It is now possible to have DEP lists open on multiple instances and still have the DCL/PDC functionality working. The message timers are available only on the primary instance however so the indications will not start blinking shortly before timeout occurs on the proxy instances. A message formatting issue arising in certain conditions causing the clearance message to get rejected by the Hoppie server is also fixed. Map activation using settings fixed Specific colors added to auto-generated maps NAT Track Messages Window and related auto-generated maps added
  9. MSAW “no data” being yellow is as intended for a situation where the MSAW system is selected on in the plugin, but there is no data in the data file, or the file does not exist. It’s just pointing out that you are never going to get an MSAW alert in this situation. For the other issue, since the Maps data file doesn’t report any issues, the maps are probably defined ok. Why the settings file then has an issue with activating the map, at this point I don’t know, since apparently all the other maps set to activate in the settings file activate just fine? (the displayed error message means that the requested map doesn’t exist)
  10. Which plugin version has the issues? If more than one, any idea which version was the last one where it worked properly? The latest beta had some changes in this area so I may have broken something there. I’ll have a look at the code, but I won’t be able to do so until sometime next week. Hopefully it’s something simple as troubleshooting the datalink system is a bit tricky.
  11. Yes, the cargo callsigns data file has been updated. However, creating and updating the file has been a manual process so it is in no way a comprehensive list, just a bit better than nothing at all. Suggestions of changes are welcome, but only currently active real operators please in order to avoid conflicts. edit: the plugin package is now updated with a new cargo callsigns data file containing the two callsigns above and a number of others
  12. The Ground Radar plugin has a small update as well: Ground Radar plugin 1.2.1 This should fix some plugin window scrollbar issues and a couple of safety nets which erroneously required the radar track to be correlated even when the normal "non-pro" mode was used. The safety nets should now get the same information about the tracks that is displayed to the controller. The plugin update system will notify about the update as well, but it may be more convenient to use the link above as the plugin's message box does not contain a link, just a text displaying the download location.
  13. The state of the auto-generated maps in the MISC folder can not be directly set at startup, as the sector file based maps haven't been generated when the settings files are read. However, a workaround exists. For example defining [_] Setup_LoadMap=MISC\FIXES ALL + L in the settings file loads that map whenever any callsign containing the underscore character is used. That's almost as good as the map loading automatically on startup. Other more specific callsign-based settings can of course also be used.
  14. In the COOPANS version, the auto-generated maps use the Map_3 color. C_Beacon is not present in the plugin as I have no information on where it's used. I'll probably add specific color values to the auto-generated maps so they can be set up as desired (one for the symbols and another for the labels). I'll also make it possible not to highlight the TSA area border.
  15. An update to the Topsky beta plugin is available: TopSky 2.2.1 beta 5 The changes from beta 4 include: Holding list ETO column shows holding start time after holding has been entered Adjusted COOPANS version colors Increased maximum number of Min Sep tools to 5 in the COOPANS version Added "Informed 2" and "Informed 3" colors and corresponding settings Added REGIONS auto-generated maps no, sorry, rather the ability to toggle the visibility of the REGIONS items from the sector file Updated Maps data file syntax (added possibility to draw polygons, other small changes) Bug fixes to text notes and CPDLC code Updated Areas data file syntax (Group and Usertext can be set) Updated Weather Messages Window to also show SNOWTAMs
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