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  1. And when ADEP/ADES are not the same, everything works properly? At first glance I don't see anything in the code that would prevent it from working with local flights, but I'll keep looking. Do you remember the date and callsign of the flight that was affected? EDIT: checked using a test setup and a local flight was handled just fine, so we'd need to find out what caused the issue in your case. The code only actively removes information of an ongoing datalink clearance process when the flight is in transfer state (either to or from you) or more than 10nm from its departure airport.
  2. I'm going to need a bit more information about this. By "Confirmation to the Pilot are send out though" do you mean that all the intended datalink messages including the "clearance confirmed" one are sent correctly? And "PDC is not showing up in Depature List" means what exactly? Do none of the stages display, or just some of them? If some of them work, which ones are not shown?
  3. The clickspot is there, it just has a wrong (practically random) id. I'll fix that.
  4. I haven't seriously considered NOTAM-activated maps for that purpose. As there's no standard to how information in the text part of NOTAMs is presented, and the chance of spelling errors, the success ratio of such a feature would likely be very low and you'd still have to go through all the NOTAMs to see if the code interpreted everything correctly.
  5. Based on a quick search, it does appear that the PilotWeb service came to an end on February 14th. I'll adjust the plugin to go for the other site, hopefully they won't discontinue that one as well.
  6. This is not the thread you’re looking for. Version 2.2 was released a long time ago, the current release version is There is a link to the release version in the beta 9 thread in the Plugins forum. A beta version exists as well, the current being beta 10. There is a dedicated thread for it in the Plugins forum as well.
  7. I knew there was a reason I hadn't made it possible to open the window using the settings earlier... Having the window opened automatically means I'll have to figure out the best way to deal with changes to the window data (login and the options at the bottom part) that may take place at any time before or after the window is opened. I'll put my thinking cap on...
  8. The chances of that happening in the short term are very small. For basic decluttering of the maps the ZOOM line can be used.
  9. The cursors scale though, so the error message is false in this case (unless the setting is found in a login callsign specific part of the settings file). I'll adjust the settings loading code to be more accurate in this case.
  10. Apologies for any quick downloaders, but I realized the dll in the file wasn't the latest code. I've updated the zip now, please download again to get the right dll.
  11. A new beta version is available: TopSky plugin version 2.2.1 beta 10 Main changes from beta 9: Various bug fixes Areas data file syntax changed (only one area type per area allowed, user text display options added to "categorydef" line) SSR data file syntax changed ("priority" line type added to replace "mandatory" and "secondary") Settings added (various "Window_*" ones, "System_GUI_Scale_*", "Setup_ScreenLat", etc.) Even though the change list isn't that long, there are thousands of changes in the code caused by the graphics scaling options. The design scale is still "1.0" and the goal is that everything will work and look correct with that scale. Other scales may have minor graphical issues but no issues affecting the operation. Due to the vast number of changes there may be graphical and/or operational issues, please report any that you come across. Some issues may only appear with the relevant scale setting set to other than 1 (for example if I've overlooked some part of the code so that it isn't fully responding to the scale setting). The Vertical Aid Window and the Stack Manager Windows haven't been "scale-enabled" yet, so the fact that they don't respond to the scale settings is not a bug. The mouse cursor scaling can now be done using the setting "System_GUI_Scale_Cursors", so the previously used optional big cursors are no longer required. A good place for the setting is at the top of the local settings data file.
  12. Beta 4 is now available: Ground Radar plugin version 1.2.2 beta 4 Changes from beta 3: Added APP window altitude filter Updated Stands data file syntax (HEADING line type added) Added settings to make it possible to display the highlighted (mouse-over) track in a special way in the ground mode Dedicated color Label border with selectable color and transparency Label area fill with selectable color and transparency
  13. Every now and then a setting available in the code may be missing from the spreadsheet if I've forgotten to update it, but generally speaking if it isn't shown there, it's not available. The next version will provide more window settings. It is possible to resize some of the windows using the settings. For example "Window_WxMsgs=1,100,100,1000,500" opens the weather messages window on the primary instance with the top left corner at screen coordinates (100,100) with width 1000 pixels and height 500 pixels. Be careful when using the resize settings as if you set the window width or height greater than the screen dimensions, it may not be possible to close or resize it.
  14. I'll keep this in the beta thread as the answer is partly beta-version specific. And it's yes and no: No, you cannot refer to a file outside the plugin folder. But yes, you can make the plugin use a file named ICAO_Airlines.txt instead of TopSkyCallsigns.txt (only in the beta version though). The plugin first checks for the TopSky file, and if not found, then sees if the ICAO file is available. So if you can make GNG put a copy of the callsign file in the plugin folder your problem is solved. But then make sure you don't have an old TopSkyCallsigns file in the folder as the plugin would then never read the ICAO file.
  15. No, they're displayed in the normal label color in both setups
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