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  1. SANTA is the new name of "Scandinavian Training Administration", also known as the successor of TAS. The development is in progress and we need your help for our front-page where you click log in! Therefore we're creating a small competition, if you may call that - where we use the best fitting entry in our front page of SANTA. The prize are virtual hugs and contribution to the community! ? This is the current login screen of SANTA. The competition is in two parts, you may do one or both. 1. The background image. We need something that represent Scandinavia (right now we stole VATUK's as an example). Preferably we don't wish a collage of images, but we do want to represent all our FIRs - so there's a technical possibility to randomly display a country for each time you vist the page. 2. The logo/icon of SANTA. Right now it's a sleigh, perhaps something else? You may submit your entries in this thread as replies, until October 15th 18z. Please remember to keep your original project files if you do some edits, as sometimes we might be interested in doing some tweaks afterwards. The picture should preferably be in resolution of 2560x1440. Remember to not have too much details in the picture, or diffuse them so it does not interfere with the logo and login button.
  2. New version released, v.1.2! @Kristian Oedegaard contacted me today asking on how to update after the new norwegian sector file came out. I honestly though no-one used this "addon", so I never bothered updating this thread. But since there is apparently are some people, I've now released a update compatible with new norwegian sector files etc (check changelog). If anyone using IES could just gimme a "Thanks" rating, I'd love to know how many actually use IES, so I know if I should maintain it
  3. Hello everyone! We've created a survey to collect some feedback about the homepage (not forums) of VATSIM Scandinavia. Your feedback will be used when planning to facelift a new homepage sometime in the future. The survey is anonymous and takes about 2-4 minutes to complete, you may skip certain questions if you wish. I hope everyone has a few minutes to help us out here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Mentors, staff and board members are just as welcome to fill it out. Fill out the survey here!
  4. Good question! I don't have v2, so I'm unsure how they work in that version. My guess is that a v2 config just has some extra lines dedicated to that specific airport, and should be backwards compatible - worth a try! If you have a v2 config I can try, I can see how it plays out
  5. GSX Scenery Configs About Safedock on the airports that actually have it, is the dream. Unfortunately, GSX is not supplying much scenery configs and makes us rely on our own to create a good GSX experience with the correct placement of stands, buses, stairs, safe-docks and similar. The purpose of this repository is to share and store GSX configuration files for different airports of the world. The purpose is to have it easily accessible, so everyone can download and contribute back to the configurations. See airports, contribute and download The easiest way to download is to click on the green "Clone or Download" button and choose Zip, unless you're technical and want to clone the repository. https://github.com/blt950/GSX-Scenery-Configs
  6. Heh, I've bookmarked the all way in, haven't seen the disclaimer until I deliberately looked for it now. Based on what it says I'd say it's a grey area, but it's more towards ok than bad in my opinion. Chartfox is like Martin says, basically a bookmark. If ChartFox would download the AIP files, then re-distribute them it would surely be legally questionable. Or even worse: claim them as their own, but they just link them and also visibly credits the source.
  7. I checked it out, I wouldn't say its piracy as it's just collecting links to the different AIPs of the different countries. Such as Norwegian charts are sourced from aip.avinor.no, which is open for everyone. I checked out the source code as well, it's just an iframe (a website inside website) opening the charts from the providers, which is completely legal as long the displayed content is open for everyone and not paid for or similar. Overall looks cool, I had in mind to make something like that myself but never got around to do it It's a very nice free alternative for Navigraph, with the restrictions that comes with it already of course (no FMS data, no consistent layout of the charts etc)
  8. Good suggestion! I've also got request for watching ALT/SPD/TIME, which is also not aircraft-specific. I think GA-pilots would like something like that.
  9. AFAIK QW787 does not have any SDK which could provide me with alert information, at least not yet. If it comes out, I'll surely consider it
  10. Sure thing! I'll make a text-to-speech reply if people try to contact you "<CALLSIGN>, identification services terminated - controller is eating lunch away from his post".
  11. New version is out! Beta 1 brings compatibility to be used with PMDG 777! Which is surely the plane it'll be most handy for, on long-haul flights. I've discarded support for PMDG747 for now, as I don't see that many use the plane, but also I can't seem to connect with it to receive the data needed. I'll reconsider it if I get enough requests for this specific plane. Download: Check first post on top!
  12. Yes it does, at least in vPilot. However everyone doesnt notice the sound when it’s played once, unless the controller starts sending you multiple contact-me’s. I’m often just at the other side of the room and maybe have some music on, and I don’t always notice it the first time. So have something to nag me a bit more, without the frustration of the ATC sending multiple contacts would be beneficial. In terms of FlightWatch, I look at this to be an option you can toggle, as not everyone would like this or see the purpose of it. And I’m not making FlightWatch to encourage people to break the VATSIM CoC, just to be clear on that (not saying you meant that). However the reality is exactly as @Mats Edvin Aaro describes it.
  13. Oh god yes, you read my mind! I'm unsure about the possibility, but I'll surely check it out!
  14. Perhaps it's not the best practice in terms of realism, but let's be honest; when flying in cruise we often tab out the game and watch Netflix, make dinner or wash some clothes. I bet most of you don't fancy ticking the option in the flight sim to hear sounds even when tabbed out, so you can engine roars on top of Netflix. So when will you know something fails? When you come back and your flight has respawned? As a small side project I've now created PilotWatch, it's a small program which communicates with the flight sim, and PMDG airplanes, to monitor for warnings on your flight. PilotWatch is meant to be activated once you go AFK, else you'll probably get spammed by all kinds of warnings before you get to cruise. Once an warning is detected, it'll play a sound and send you a notification. Disable the alarm by opening the program. Warnings monitored 737: Fire, Master Caution, Anti-ice, Hydraulic, Doors, Engine, Overhead, Cond, Auto-pilot, Auto-throttle. 777: Master Caution, Master Warning Compatibility FlightWatch is made to work with Windows 10 and Prepar3D v.4.2. Theoretically you should be able to use earlier versions of Windows, but this is not tested, let me know if it works for you! The supported version of Prepar3D is absolute, you will not be able to use it on any other version. Due to the nature of 64-bit in P3D, It will require too much double-up work to make this compatible P3D v1-3 or FSX. I'll however look into the possibility to support 4.0 and up later on. Works with: PMDG NGX 737 and PMDG 777. Download Newest version: Beta 1 Very early beta: v.0.1 Install by placing the folder where you want, preferably outside Program Files folder. Important installation note! In order for FlightWatch to receive data, you must tell PMDG to broadcast it, and by default this is turned off. Go to your PMDG folder in P3D, then the plane you're going to use, and open Options.ini and add this line at the bottom, and save: [SDK] EnableDataBroadcast=1 Example where you find this file: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\737NGX_Options.ini Disclaimer This is a very early version of the program, so I can't guarantee it'll cover all kind of warnings. If you do find bugs, crashes, or warnings which are not covered, let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to add them! Please help me test this! Once we get NGX perfected, I'll be easier for me to complete the other PMDG planes.
  15. This is a lot better indeed! As @Adrian Bjerke mentioned about having different versions of the logo, I think that's also very normal and standard to have. So the suggestion you posted now is the square-version. So now we at least need one long (wide) and maybe icon-only square I really like the FIR logos, they look nice! I also agree that it might become a bit too much text. What you can do is maybe write same styled as now, but: SCANDINAVIA NORWAY FIR Maybe consider if we even have to add the text there at all? And just keep "VATSIM Scandinavia"? Do we need to explicitly say which country/fir it is? What kind of marketing material do we imagine FIR-specific logos to be used, instead of global Scandinavia logo? Do we need FIR-specific logos? New enlightments for discussions @Navigraph: I totally agree this does not conflict with Navigraph in any way, I also see this as more of a paper plane than a compass.
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