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  1. Hello, After 7 great flights, the FSCB-Flightgroup left Scandinavian airspace on Friday February 14. Just like the previous flights, the ATC from VATSIM Scandinavia was again super! Jonas (EFIN_D_CTR) handled our departure from Mariehamm and Martin (ESOS_1_CTR) guided us to EVRR_CTR. Our group had 12 aircraft this evening, so that was a nice line of planes in the sky. On behalf of the pilots of FSCB-Flightgroup I want to thank VATSIM Scandinavia very much for the great ATC the past few weeks! We enjoyed flying with you and we hope you enjoyed our visit also. Till next time, Paul Colder FSCB-Flightgroup
  2. Thanks to Windows update to version 1909 SWIFT does not connect to my Simulator anymore and I was unable to participate on the flight of Friday February 7 of FSCB-Flightgroup. Luckily there were still 9 other pilots to join the flight and they liked the approach to Mariehamm very much. A rather short runway, but everybody needs a challenge every now and than Rasmus-Henry we thank you a lot for being online for us as EFMA_TWR ! And the guidance of Martin as ESOS_CTR was (as always ) again immaculate ! Thank you very much for making FSCB-pilots happy. Kind regards, Paul FSCB-Flightgoup
  3. Feedback FSCB-Flightgroup on our flight from ENTC to ESNX and a question. Yesterday (January 31 st) the FSCB-Flightgroup was again with 10 aircraft for a flight to Arvidsjaur. Our departure from Tromso was handled professionally by Adrian. I add a picture of the pushback of KLM 457 at Tromso (beautiful picture of a beautiful plane) Weather forecast at ESNX was snow and indeed as you can see in one of the pictures below: snow we got indeed ! This is an X-plane simulator and the snow looks more realistic than P3D or FSX; don't you agree? Visibility at Arvidsjaur was limited also, but thanks to the excellent ATC of Edward we all made it to the airport. In view of the time for backtrack (as we landed on RWY 12) the separation needed to be sufficient, but this was done perfectly by Edward. Thank you Adrian and Edward for your great ATC! Enjoy the pictures. Question: why did we get a new Squawkcode when we entered Swedish airspace? Is that standard procedure? Paul FSCB-Flightgroup
  4. Feedback FSCB-Flightgroup on flight ENVA to ENTC on Friday January 24, 2020 Our group had 10 aircraft, so that was a nice challenge to controllers also, but there is only One word to describe the ATC from Vatsim Scandinavia : OUTSTANDING ! We had again great ATC from Departure to arrival while flying over beautiful scenery: what more can you ask for ? Ole Martin (ENVA_TWR) followed by ENBD_CTR from Joachim and the final part of our flight we were guided by Vegard (ENTC_APP) and Simon as ENTC_TWR. I add some pictures that show how beautiful our approach was. Thank you so much. Hope to see you guys again next week. Paul FSCB-Flightgroup
  5. Hi Vatsim Scandinavia, That was again an excellent performance from Vatsim Scandinavia! This evening the FSCB-Flightgroup flew through 3 countries: from Finland via Sweden to Norway and we had ATC in every country. Our group had 10 aircraft and Paavo handled our departure from EFTU very efficiently. EFIN_D_CTR was provided by Christian and Magnus did ESOS_CTR. When we entered Swedish airspace, Magnus started already to arrange the correct spacing between our aircraft in order to avoid problems at ENVA. Instructions were clear and professional. Landing in Norway was handled by Adrian (ENVA_APP) and Ole Martin (ENVA_TWR). Vatsim Scandinavia proved again that you give professional ATC and can be friendly at the same time! On behalf of the pilots of FSCB-Flightgroup I forward our BIG compliments! We hope that you had as much fun as we had. We made some pictures at departure and after landing (see attachments). Kind regards, Paul Colder FSCB-Flightgroup
  6. Hi VATSIM Scandinavia, Yesterday evening (Friday January 10) the FSCB-Flightgroup departed from EKCH to EFTU. Our group had 11 aircraft, but Soeren (EKCH-TWR) and Kenneth (EKCH-APP) made sure that this was handled smoothly. We had winter-conditions and that gave some nice views (see enclosed picture of KLM 737 in the new livery). Arvid (ESOS-CTR) guided us towards Turku: a picture that shows 7 aircraft of our group after landing in EFTU is attached., So we had again a very nice flight thanks to the great support of VATSIM-Scandinavia. Many thanks from all pilots! We hope you like the pictures. Paul
  7. Hi VATSIM Scandinavia, Friday evening January 3, the FSCB-Flightgroup arrived at Copenhagen and as we approached EKCH we saw as many as 5 (!) controllers online. We want to thank the controllers very much for their great ATC: Morten as EKDK_CTR, Daniel on EKCH_APP and even EKCH_F_APP was online (Boaz) with Adrian in the TWR and Jakob on GND. We really enjoyed our arrival at Copenhagen: instructions were clear and professional ! Thank you Paul on behalf of FSCB-Flightgroup KLM366
  8. Feedback FSCB Flightgroup Friday February 23. Hi Martin, hi Mikkel, Yesterday evening the FSCB-Flightgroup arrived in Copenhagen from Stockholm. Again a flight that all pilots of our group enjoyed a lot, especially thanks to the great ATC from Vatsim Scandinavia! It was very busy at our departure from Arlanda ( I counted more than 15 aircraft), but Hampus really did a great job at ESSA_TWR and his patience with some pilots of our group was admirable. Once in the air, it was very nice to hear you Martin: thanks for coming online! As we approached Copenhagen, the number of aircraft and especially the different speeds of the aircraft were a good challenge for the sequencing skills of ATC :-) But it was really well managed and it was great to see the steady flow of the aircraft coming in to EKCH. Job well done by Kevin (EKDK_CTR), Simon (EKCH_TWR) and Martin Thorseinsson (EKCH_GND). Internet flying at its best! Best regards, Paul
  9. Yesterday evening (Friday October 20) the FSCB-Flightgroup was again a very happy flightgroup thanks to the wonderful support from VATSIM Scandinavia. We departed from ESGG for a flight to EDDT and we had Oskar as ESGG-GND, Alexander in the TWR, Mattais did APP and AXEL gave ESOS-CTR. All positions filled with friendly and professional ATC ! We had 11 aircraft in our group, but everything was handled very smoothly. FSCB-Flightgroup thanks all of you for your great service ! Till next time. Paul KLM366
  10. This evening the FSCB-Flightgroup did Mariehamn (EFMA) - Gotheburg (ESGG) and we enjoyed another great performance of VATSIM Scandinavia! Julius arranged our departure from EFMA, while Magnus and Hakan provided ATC along the route. On arrival at ESGG we had ATC from Thomas (ESGG_APP), Mattias (arrival) and Hampus as TWR. Our group consisted of 11 aircraft and the pilots in our group were unanimously that a BIG compliment for the ATC guys is well deserved! Thanks from all of us for making this flight as much fun as it was and we hope you enejoyed it also. Paul FSCB-Flightgroup.
  11. On September 29, 2017 the FCSB-Flightgroup continued the flights in Scandinavia with a flight from Bromma to OLOU in Finland. Unfortunately we had no controllers on our departure from Bromma, but Miska ((Tampere Radar) provided great ATC soon after taking off and all the way to OLOU. There we were welcomed by Julius (EFOU_APP) and Joonatan (EFOU_TWR). Thank you Julius and Joonatan to come online at EFOU for FSCB-Flightgroup! I added some pictures of our group taken after our landing in Olou. Thank-you Vatsim Scandinavia for your support! Paul / KLM366
  12. Picture of FSCB - Flightgroup on September 22, 2017 after landing in Bromma that shows 10 aircraft of our group. Compliments to Adrian and Martin for their great ATC ! Poor visibility as it was raining. Paul Colder
  13. It seems we made a mistake in our flightplanning: we forgot to make a flight for September 22 (sorry!) For that reason we created an extra stop in Stockhlm Bromma. Our flight plans for the Friday 22/09 and 29/09 will be as follows: 22 September Trondheim - Stockholm Bromma ENVA – ESSB SOLKA N133 MAVIP Y96 DEGAL L870 HMR 350 NM 29 September Stockholm Bromma – Olou ESSB – EFOU NTL N851 RIKUM Y370 UXETI N850 PENIV N609 BEGSU Y370 RERBU T89 IXONO 420 NM As of Olou we will follow again our original planning. Paul Colder FSCB-Flightgroup
  14. Reply to Johan Grauers: Yes, you're correct: FSCB-Flightgroup still exists! Last year we celebrated 15 year (!) in Business and given the fact that during our last 2 flights with Vatsim Scandinavia we had 13 and 14 pilots participating it is clear that our group is still very much alive. I think that around 8 pilots from the start are still flying with us. And we still love flying in Scandinavia Thank you for remembering us! Paul Colder
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