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  1. Seems like ESOS is not showing up after last update. EDIT: Disregard. Had an old FIRBoundaries file
  2. As I understood it, it won't be open source but somehow merged into SimVector. (https://www.facebook.com/accumapvatsim/posts/633634080380506) I don't know if things will be the same with kml files etc. All files for Sweden is pretty much done if things will be the same. ESAA.zip
  3. If I understand it correctly there is a way to show vertical splits and maybe that is the way to go. I have made kml files for all TMA's. I think everything is correct but maybe @Martin Stockzell or some other swede can do a quick check. Most of the TMA's is quite simple so displaying vertical limits should be simple. @Adrian BjerkeI will try to have a look into the json structure that you sent me and maybe incorporate that into the script so we don't have to do vertical limits and all that manually. ESAA.zip
  4. My thought is that we should show the sector that is covering ground level so that pilots know who to contact when on the ground. But if anyone has other opinions it's simple to adjust it.
  5. I have kml files for all TMA sectors but have been busy jumping out of airplanes in the last month so haven't really had time to sort out how we should present them. I took a quick look just now and I think the most sensible way to present STHLM TMA would be: ARR-E : ESSA_E_APP FL0-FL65.kml ARR-W: ESSA_W_APP FL0-FL35.kml + ESOW_TWR FL0-FL45.kml ARR-S : ESSB_APP FL0-FL35.kml Ownership: ARR-E (Callsign Stockholm Control) ESSA_E_APP ESSA_APP ARR-W (Callsign Stockholm Control) ESSA_W_APP ESSA_E_APP ESSA_APP ARR-S (Callsign Stockholm Control) ESSB_APP ESSA_W_APP ESSA_E_APP ESSA_APP Maybe some other Swedish controller have an opinion about how we should present it. Attached all the kml files, just drag them into google earth. STHLM TMA.zip
  6. I have made kml files for ESOS and ESMM but haven't had time to make any json files. As @Martin Stockzell said the ownership should be: Also attached all the kml files I generated in case anyone has use for it ESOS_CTR.kml ESMM_CTR.kml ESAA.zip
  7. If e.g. ESOS_8_CTR is online there will most likely always be someone on ESOS_CTR or ESOS_1_CTR online so I don't think it would be a problem.
  8. The script just take a couple of seconds to run and it reads the .ese file so there is no unnecessary work being done However I also think that leaving it to just ESOS/ESMM is probably the best idea because the airspace in southern part of Sweden is to complex to be shown in a good way. Maybe we could include ESOS K/N/F since they are pretty simple.
  9. Yeah that looks a bit messy. Maybe the best way to go is to only include sectors that cover down to ground. Please send the V2 documentation and I can have a look at it
  10. I did some experiments this evening and this is the KML files from the script for all ESOS AoR sectors. I didn't double check that everything is correct but it should be. No callsigns.txt included but will try to work on that also. The documentation on the website is a bit messy. Is it supposed to be different kml files for different height airspaces or just combine them into one? https://drive.google.com/open?id=137CBx-CRcj3vllvC4EO24QwXbEgKiVe6
  11. Easiest way would be to just parse the .ese file. I actually already done a simple php script a couple weeks ago that successfully created .kml files for Stockholm TMA. It still require some manual input but I will try to put some work into it when I have time.
  12. Is it possible to save plugin settings so I don't have to change the settings every session? For example I always want 2 min predict line and always have the QNH/TL window visible as well as the notepad window.
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