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  1. Hi Martin, it'd honestly be really fun to simulate those long ocean arrivals. At the moment it's already a complete nightmare to staff 4 hours of full atc as in Spain we're not that many controllers:). But we'll definitely keep the idea for other times. Regarding the A320 thing, thanks for the heads up and will tell the person responsible so he can fix it.
  2. From VATSPA we would like to invite all of you to the Real Ops event at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona - El Prat (LEBL) airport, on December 1st, between 16.00z and 20.00z. More information and booking system.
  3. Repetitive Event: Every Wednesday Join to this event and you can participate in a raffle of a LEMD scenery by Sim-Wings. We're giving away a Madrid scenery every week to a random pilot participating in the event. For information about the winner you can login to the VATSPA forums. Winner will be published the following day.
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