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Found 2 results

  1. VATSIM Scandinavia is looking for a Director for the vACC and therefore an appointment process is initiated. Elections concerning this position will be taking place sometime between February and March 2019. Working description The work in VACCSCA is lead by the director. The director represents the organization towards its parent and other organizations. The director has the overall responsibility for all subordinated areas and the main responsibility for all areas not covered by any other staff position. It is the Directors responsibility to see to that staff-positions are manned. Minimum requirements Rating of 'Controller' [C1] or higher Approved by VATEUD during the application process Been a member of VATSIM Scandinavia for at least one year Applications for the position should be mailed to election@vatsim-scandinavia.org no late than 3 February 2019 2359z. -Julius, Director
  2. VATSIM Scandinavia board have decided that Director [ACCSCA1] election period is during period of 20.02.2017 kl.00.00Z - 26.02.2017 kl.23.59Z . Candidate for Director: Julius Mannermaa CandidateĀ“s Expression of interest and VATSIM CV are attached to this post. This evening will every registered member receive an email from me with same information that are given here! Election platform will be TAS http://tas.vatsim-scandinavia.org/ where there will be an Election module visible for "active ATC members" during election period. You can view your own status http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/information/member-roster/ Magnus Director VATSIM - CV - Mannermaa, Julius.pdf Expression of interest - Mannermaa, Julius (1).pdf
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