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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! I see your Boeings on VATSIM in correct shape and livery. But how do you see my Twin Otter? When flying in Norway, please make sure you have installed an AI model for a DHC6 Twin Otter and Dash 8's Otherwise you could see a float plane at the gate in Tromsø airport, instead of proper Widerøe aircraft. Widerøe DHC6 Twin Otter at the gate in Tromsø Langnes airport after arriving from Hammerfest. DHC6 Twin Otter with tundra tires, high above Sørkjosen.
  2. On Wednesday 16th of March Johan Sørenes is ready for his checkout at Sola Tower from 1700z to 1900z. Come over to the beautiful and challenging West Coast of Norway and give our candidate a real challenge! Come with whatever you'd like, IFR or VFR, prop or jet, big or small - everyone is welcome.See you in the Stavanger area between 1700z and 1900z.Don't forget to have your charts ready and scenery installed.Charts:AIP NorwayScenery:FSX Freeware: AoN 3.75e (Select P3D version)P3D Freeware: AoN 3.75eFSX Payware: Stavanger XSee you in Stavanger! Staffing: ENZV_GND: Blocked ENZV_TWR: Johan Sørenes ENZV_APP: Reidar Fredrik Frydenlund ENSV_CTR: Sebastian Rekdal ENBR_TWR: ENBR_APP: ENOS_CTR: ENGM_TWR: ENGM_APP:
  3. Hello, I was finally able to upload my updated versions for Norway for VAT-Spy and ServInfo today Main updates is the sectors within Norway FIR and Bodø Oceanic FIR as of 12th November. As I had to stop somewhere with the borders between countries, there will unfortunately be a double border between Norway and Finland/Russia, and northern Sweden and Finland. ServInfo will also display two borders between Norway and Scotland. (Otherwise I would have just kept going and going..) Download links: VAT-Spy: http://www.vnas.net/download/vatspy ServInfo: http://www.vnas.net/download/servinfo How to install: VAT-Spy: extract the three files into C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Roaming\VAT-Spy ServInfo: extract the two files into the folder you have installed/extracted your ServInfo. Anders
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