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Daniel Lange

Help SANTA with front page! (Competition!)

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SANTA is the new name of "Scandinavian Training Administration", also known as the successor of TAS. The development is in progress and we need your help for our front-page where you click log in! Therefore we're creating a small competition, if you may call that - where we use the best fitting entry in our front page of SANTA.

The prize are virtual hugs and contribution to the community! ?


This is the current login screen of SANTA. The competition is in two parts, you may do one or both.

1. The background image. We need something that represent Scandinavia (right now we stole VATUK's as an example). Preferably we don't wish a collage of images, but we do want to represent all our FIRs - so there's a technical possibility to randomly display a country for each time you vist the page.

2. The logo/icon of SANTA. Right now it's a sleigh, perhaps something else?

You may submit your entries in this thread as replies, until October 15th 18z.
Please remember to keep your original project files if you do some edits, as sometimes we might be interested in doing some tweaks afterwards. The picture should preferably be in resolution of 2560x1440. Remember to not have too much details in the picture, or diffuse them so it does not interfere with the logo and login button.

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